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While the own­ers of wine farms are mostly rooted to the spot, wine­mak­ers of­ten have the op­por­tu­nity to travel.

“Be­fore 1994 the only coun­try that would ac­cept South Africans to study wine­mak­ing was Ger­many. It wasn’t un­til one gen­er­a­tion ago that South African wine­mak­ers started work­ing on vine­yards around the world to learn about wine­mak­ing,” Mor­gen­thal says.

“France was con­sid­ered the world leader in wine­mak­ing and many South Africans trav­elled there to learn from the French. In the last 15 to 20 years, we started to re­alise that wine­mak­ing tech­niques in the north­ern hemi­sphere can’t be suc­cess­fully ap­plied to the south­ern hemi­sphere.”

Th­ese days, young South Africans hone their skills every­where from Aus­tralia to Spain and our ex­per­tise is in de­mand in coun­tries like China and In­dia. “The French also love South African wine­mak­ers, be­cause we are so hard work­ing,” he says.

At Fin­week we be­lieve we can at­test to the am­bi­tion of lo­cal wine­mak­ers. We do a qual­ity test al­most ev­ery night.

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