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It largely comes down to com­pet­i­tive­ness be­tween par­ents and keep­ing up with the Jone­ses. When their chil­dren com­pare notes in the play­ground, the last thing par­ents want is for their chil­dren to be the ones pock­et­ing the low­est tooth fairy pay­outs. Visa’s Al­der­man says: “Par­ents re­ally are para­noid about their kids get­ting as much as their friends.” No par­ent wants their chil­dren to feel hard­done-by. Kit Yar­row, a con­sumer psy­chol­o­gist and pro­fes­sor at Golden Gate Univer­sity, ex­plains: “A kid who got a quar­ter ($0.25) would won­der why their tooth was worth less than the kid who got $5.” And, based on my son’s com­par­isons with his school­mates in the play­ground, it

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