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It’s im­pos­si­ble to ig­nore the big­gest t hing to hit en­ter­tain­ment t his year and since Fin­week read­ers are known to en­joy shoot­ing vir­tual things in the face in-be­tween all the hard work and in­vest­ing, we’re cer­tainly not go­ing to try. Grand Theft Auto V ex­ploded onto the mar­ket last week and has taken the world by storm. No other new game, movie or mu­sic re­lease is likely to make a grander en­trance this year. Even Stephen Fry is play­ing it.

That’s what you get when al­most $1bn is poured into the pro­duc­tion of a video game. The scale is epic and the hype sub­stan­tial. Not that Rockstar The most fun you can have with your clothes on Games, pro­duc­ers of the se­ries, had any has­sle re­coup­ing ex­penses. The game made $800m in its f irst 24 hours of sales and hit $1bn in three days.

So it cost a for­tune, made a splash and is now print­ing money for its cre­ators – but does GTA V live up to the hype? Quite sim­ply: Yes.

Grand Theft Auto has a long tra­di­tion as one of the best video game se­ries for both com­mit­ted and ca­sual gamers. The premise is sim­ple: you are a char­ac­ter of ques­tion­able morals who steals ve­hi­cles and shoots peo­ple. Any­thing goes in GTA and it’s not for the faint of heart. This is the game your par­ents


The Last of Us were warned about. Drugs, sex and vi­o­lence f low un­hin­dered in the world of GTA, which hap­pens to look a lot like Los An­ge­les in this lat­est ad­di­tion to the fran­chise.

In GTA V you play not one, but three char­ac­ters of ill re­pute. Michael De Santa is a re­tired thief sup­port­ing a fam­ily, Franklin Clin­ton re­pos­sesses cars for a dodgy f inance com­pany and Trevor Philips is a gen­eral psy­chopath and drug addict with a pen­chant for vi­o­lence. In the game you switch be­tween th­ese three mis­cre­ants to pull off mis­sions or ca­su­ally stroll around the city de­stroy­ing things and hurt­ing peo­ple.

Trevor is ar­guably the most fun. He stum­bles around drunk and spends a lot of time par­tially dressed. His com­ments are com­pletely off­side but of­ten very funny. Bri­tish author, ac­tor and co­me­dian Stephen Fry tweeted: “I have to say that Trevor in GTA V is not a very nice man at all… dear me.”

That pretty much sums it up.

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