So what do we know about where this will work?

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If the in­di­vid­ual bud­get for a per­son is $100 or is $2 000, it works. If the do­main of the projects you can pro­pose is wide open, or if it is lim­ited to soft­ware tech­nol­ogy in­no­va­tion projects, it works. It works if there is no limit on how much or how lit­tle a bud­get can be, or if there are strict rules. It seems to be very f lex­i­ble. What don’t we yet know?

We don’t know how big is too big, how lit­tle is too lit­tle. We don’t re­ally have a sense yet of what cor­rect amount of money to al­lo­cate ocate per per­son in or­der to get a bud­get spent. pent. I think we want to do more work on your ques­tion, which was a fol­low-through ough ques­tion. Are there projects that are e doomed at the out­set and shouldn’t be e al­lowed in? We don’t know that yet. We think that en­ter­prise crowd f und­ing g i ncreases em­ployee en­gage­ment, but t we don’t re­ally have the num­bers bers to prove that.

What ad­vice dvice would you give com­pa­nies t hat want to try this? his?

It’s im­por­tant rtant for the spon­sor to say what kind of in­no­va­tion he or she e wants to see and what is out of bounds. ounds. Also, or­gan­i­sa­tions should ac­tively tively cam­paign to get every­body in­volved, oth­er­wise money doesn’t esn’t get spent,

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