What can you say about the mo­ti­va­tion of the par­tic­i­pants?

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Es­pe­cially on sites like Kick­starter and Indiegogo, peo­ple of­ten in­vest in or­der to get some­thing. Many of the prod­uct-ori­ented projects are ac­tu­ally kind of a pre-or­der, like the fa­mous Peb­ble watch. We made avail­able to peo­ple, the abil­ity to spec­ify that if you in­vest $10 of the money that the vice pres­i­dent gave you, than you’ l l get this, if you in­vest $50 you’ll get that. It turned out very l it tle of that seems to mat­ter to peo­ple. What mat­ters to peo­ple is that they can see shared util­ity among them­selves, or for clients, or for IBM or for cus­tomers. When we did this project with the IT depart­ment, every­body we in­ter viewed knew ex­actly who [was] go­ing to ben­e­fit from the project; it was al­most uncanny the way that they had worked it out. Within t he re­search or­gan­i­sa­tion peo­ple said things l ike, ‘ There are projects here that can ben­e­fit all of us’; ‘I need ac­cess to th­ese re­sources and I am not the only one.’ The in­di­vid­u­al­is­tic model based on In­ter­net ex­pe­ri­ences was trans­formed, be­hind the fire­wall, into a se­ries of com­mu­nity projects.

What about fol­low-through on the projects? And how did you deal with the al­lot­ment of

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