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Finweek English Edition - - TECHNOLOGY - Com­pe­ti­tion: Sea­gate Backup Plus Slim

Last week my lap­top was stolen. When this hap­pens, more se­ri­ous than the phys­i­cal equip­ment loss, is the risk of los­ing pre­cious data, es­pe­cially pho­tos. For­tu­nately my stuff is backed up in two lo­ca­tions, so that won’t be a prob­lem. My hard drive is also en­crypted and will au­to­mat­i­cally erase when it next con­nects to the In­ter­net, so no-one is go­ing to read my emails or en­joy my ob­scure mu­sic collection. This whole thing was an­other re­minder of how im­por­tant it is to have au­to­matic back­ups to an off­site lo­ca­tion and a por­ta­ble drive that lives with you, nei­ther of which you should be spar­ing any ex­pense on.

An ex­ter­nal hard drive is a good place to keep a backup set – al­though it should never be the only lo­ca­tion. Ex­ter­nal hard drives are plen­ti­ful and cheap, but they also tend to fail, leading to data loss. So it’s worth spend­ing a lit­tle more on a

qual­ity prod­uct like Value for money: the WD My Pass­port Ul­tra, which also in­cludes soft­ware for au­tomat­ing cloud back­ups to Drop­box.

The WD My Pass­port Ul­tra is one of the small­est


Also con­sider: ex­ter­nal hard drives on the mar­ket and also in­cludes a carry pouch, mak­ing it highly por­ta­ble. The cas­ing of the hard drive has been de­signed for added dust and shock re­sis­tance over and above the tech­ni­cal re­sis­tance of the con­tained drive it­self. It’s a pretty ro­bust unit, as con­ven­tional hard drives go.

The drive con­nects us­ing a USB 3 ca­ble, which makes for su­per-fast copy­ing speeds and means that you won’t have to wait for­ever for files to trans­fer and back­ups to com­plete. It will also work with older, slower USB ports. The drive is also pow­ered via the USB ca­ble so you don’t need an ex­tra adapter or ca­ble for power.

In­cluded in the box is the WD Smart­ware Pro soft­ware pack­age that au­to­mates back­ups and makes it easy to re­store resto lost files. The soft­ware also fa­cil­i­tates facil back­ing up your files to cloud stor­age ser­vice Drop­box so that copies of all your im­por­tant files are se­curely s stored on­line. With this co com­bi­na­tion, you cover the twotwo-lo­ca­tion rule for back­ups. Th The My­Pass­port Ul­tra is avail­abl avail­able in sizes from 500GB to 2TB. It’s way more rugged than most hard d drives and su­per por­ta­ble. The real bonu bonus, how­ever, is the in­cluded soft­ware – es­pe­cially for Win­dows users who need some­thing ex­tra for solid back­ups. In­te­grat­ing with Drop­box is great and it’s all petty easy to set up, even for the less en­thu­si­as­tic.

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