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Also con­sider: is­ten­ing to mu­sic while ex­er­cis­ing can be a tricky en­deav­our. Any­one who has tried to go run­ning with a stan­dard set of head­phones – such as the iconic white things you get with an iPhone – will know that it just doesn’t work. They fall out, for one, and ca­ble man­age­ment is an is­sue. Even head­phones de­signed for sport gen­er­ally rely on wired con­nec­tions that get in the way and re­sult in tan­gles. The an­swer must be wire­less. And it is.

Jabra’s Sport Wire­less+ head­phones, along with the brand’s other prod­ucts, will soon be eas­ier to find in South Africa thanks to a new dis­tri­bu­tion ar­range­ment. This is good news, es­pe­cially for run­ners look­ing for the ideal so­lu­tion to their au­dio woes.

The Sports Wire­less+ set uses Blue­tooth to con­nect to your smart­phone, so there are no pesky ca­bles to deal with. You can even have two de­vices linked at the same time, al­though I’m not quite sure who would need that. Once con­nected you can lis­ten to mu­sic, pod­casts and other au­dio f rom your phone or take phone calls. But­tons on the de­vice will also let you play and pause mu­sic, take calls and even con­trol run­ning apps on your phone. You’ll also have a valid ex­cuse for why you sound out of breath.

Ex­tras in the box in­clude a three­month sub­scrip­tion code for Pre­mium ac­cess to the En­domondo ex­er­cise-track­ing ser­vice that has an app for iPhone and An­droid that records ex­er­cise ac­tiv­ity. An arm­band for car­ry­ing your phone is also in­cluded, but this didn’t work too well with a 5” An­droid de­vice dur­ing test­ing. Even the iPhone 5S was a bit of a stretch for the pouch, which seems to have been de­signed to fit an iPhone 4 snug­gly.

The head­set comes with a va­ri­ety of ‘ear gels’ – tiny rub­ber bits to fit dif­fer­ent shapes of ears. I wasn’t sure ex­actly how to de­ter­mine the right one for my sound holes and ended up at­tach­ing them, one by one, try­ing the head­set on with each un­til I f in­ally gave up and just went with the de­fault, round bits that work just fine.

Fine is an un­der- state­ment. The Sports Wire­less+ is re­ally com­fort­able to wear. The set is light­weight and I soon for­got I had some­thing on my head. They also don’t block out the out­side world, which is im­por­tant for run­ning, es­pe­cially if you pre­fer not to col­lide with mo­tor ve­hi­cles when so do­ing.

Sound qual­ity is also good, as in-ear head­phones go, and bat­tery life is sat­is­fac­tory, al­beit some­what less than I’m used to from big­ger wire­less sets that have more space to cram bat­tery stuff in. On that note, the Sports Wire­less+ is charged us­ing the same mi­cro-USB adapters as a ma­jor­ity of mod­ern smart­phones.

These are cer­tainly the most com­fort­able head­phones I’ve been run­ning with and I like them so much that they’ve started to re­place my other head­phones for use at the of­fice, too. They’re not great for use on an air­plane, how­ever, as they don’t block out the noise. But that’s not what they were de­signed for. When it comes to run­ning, they do a su­perb job.

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