Un­pack­ing the Ar( t) chive

Finweek English Edition - - LIFE - Chtho­nia); Ex­ca­vat­ing the Per­sonal – Chore­ograph­ing the Ar­chive.

The Ar(t)chive is the only com­pre­hen­sive dance ar­chive in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

This re­search ar­chive can­not be run by any­body other than Adri­enne Sichel, the jour­nal­ist, to­gether with Mar­i­lyn Jenk­ins, who paved the first plat­form for a con­tem­po­rary dance fes­ti­val in Jo­han­nes­burg in 1989 and thus be­came the co-founder of the Dance Um­brella.

To­gether with the Ar(t)chive’s project manager Jes­sica Denyschen, Sichel is cur­rently chart­ing the his­tory of con­tem­po­rary danc­ing in the coun­try, which will be made avail­able to peo­ple in the in­dus­try as well as the gen­eral public.

On 9 March, Sichel will meet with four chore­og­ra­phers, Tossie van Ton­der ( Al­fred Hinkel, co-founder of Garage Okiep; Mamela Nyamza (Wena Mamela) and Nelisiwe Xaba (Fremde Tänze) as part of the 2015 Dance Um­brella. The sub­ject is Th­ese dis­cus­sions will take place in Wits Down­stairs at the Braam­fontein cam­pus, Jo­han­nes­burg. In the pro­duc­tion that Van Ton­der will bring to this year’s Dance Um­brella, Chtho­nia, she draws on her dance ar­chives st retch­ing over 32 years. The ti­tle is po­etic and charged with mean­ing: this Greek de­riv­a­tive lit­er­ally refers to the un­der­ly­ing qual­ity of land; it con­jures up thoughts of abun­dance, but also of the grave.

As sound­track for this pro­duc­tion, Van Ton­der makes use of mu­sic com­posed by Adam Micha­lak, a Pol­ish mu­si­cian who uses syn­the­sised sounds and di­rect record­ings.

will be per­formed in the John Kani theatre (Mar­ket theatre) in Jo­han­nes­burg on 12 and 13 March.

In her Xaba brings to the fore a forgotten dance ar­chive, which was cre­ated by Ger­man chore­og­ra­phers early in the 20th cen­tury, with their danc­ing heav­ily inf lu­enced by “ex­otic” or non-Euro­pean gen­res.

As one of f our i nter nat i ona l chore­og­ra­phers dur­ing a stay at the Julius Hans Spiegel cen­tre in Freiburg in the Ger­man Black For­est, Xaba did re­search on the work of Mary Wig­man (18861973) and Sent M’Ah­esa (1883-1970), two of the top ex­po­nents of Ger­man ex­pres­sion­ism.

In her Fremde Tänze, Xaba adapted a beau­ti­ful play with con­cepts such as “ex­otic” and “Black For­est”.

will be pro­duced in the Dance Fac­tory, New­town, Jo­han­nes­burg, on 14 and 15 May.

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