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CA­REER Nyatsumba started his ca­reer as a ju­nior re­porter at news­pa­per, earn­ing about R1 200 a month. “I be­came a jour­nal­ist be­cause I loved to write,” he says. Af­ter 15 years as a jour­nal­ist, edi­tor and po­lit­i­cal com­men­ta­tor, Nyatsumba moved into the cor­po­rate sec­tor, work­ing in mar­ket­ing and cor­po­rate com­mu­ni­ca­tions for com­pa­nies in­clud­ing An­glo Amer­i­can, Co­caCola South Africa and Sa­sol.

“The tran­si­tion from me­dia to the cor­po­rate world was not as dif­fi­cult as peo­ple might think. It was, how­ever, a chal­lenge to change peo­ples’ view of me. To change peo­ple from see­ing me as Kaizer the po­lit­i­cal com­men­ta­tor, to Kaizer the cor­po­rate per­son.”

MAN­AGE­MENT STYLE He de­scribes his style as mostly con­sul­ta­tive, depend­ing on the sit­u­a­tion.

“Some peo­ple be­lieve if they shout at ev­ery­one they get things done. Oth­ers be­lieve you have to be nice all the time and overly un­der­stand­ing, but it does not work this way,” he ex­plains.

For Nyatsumba, the spe­cific sit­u­a­tion will de­ter­mine his man­age­ment style. “One con­sis­tent I do be­lieve should be present, no mat­ter what the sit­u­a­tion, is fair­ness.”

WHAT KEEPS HIM CON­NECTED Although a public fig­ure, Nyatsumba is nev­er­the­less a pri­vate per­son. He does not tweet or have a Face­book ac­count. “When­ever I have felt strongly enough to take a view on any mat­ter, I have done so in public, mostly through opin­ion pieces in the me­dia.”

Nyatsumba also has his own web­site that cap­tures his per­sonal mus­ings and opin­ions on is­sues close to his heart.

WORK-LIFE BAL­ANCE Nyatsumba is the proud fa­ther of four chil­dren – a son and daugh­ter who are both lawyers, and two teenage girls in school. Even though he loves to spend time with his fam­ily, he ad­mits it is dif­fi­cult to find the time.

“I try my best to at­tend net­ball games or drama recitals, but din­ner time is our fam­ily time. We al­ways have din­ner and talk about our day.”

Once all his work for the day is done, he turns off his cell­phone. “If there is an emer­gency peo­ple can al­ways con­tact me on my land­line, but the cell­phone gets switched off at home.”

FAVOURITE PAS­TIME: Nyatsumba reads ev­ery­thing he can get his hands on and has time for. He plays golf and goes to the gym over week­ends to stay healthy. “I have never smoked or drank in my life. Keep­ing healthy is im­por­tant for my mo­ti­va­tion,” he says.

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