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One of the ques­tions in­vestors al­ways have to ask is: what will make a share that you have bought move higher? At times the share price may al­ready be mov­ing, but when you find an undis­cov­ered gem it will need some­thing to kick-start the price. As a rule this would be oth­ers also dis­cov­er­ing the share. But of­ten times if you can’t see what will drive it higher, you’re bet­ter off not in­vest­ing. Good­er­son is one such stock. Trad­ing on a for­ward P/E of around 10 times, well be­low t he stated tan­gi­ble net as­set value (TNAV) of over 150c, and be­ing very well run, it looks like a great in­vest­ment. But the stock never moves and hardly ever trades.

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