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Lies, damn lies and statis­tics…

As Jeroen Blok­land, an in­vestor at Robeco As­set Man­age­ment in the Nether­lands, tweeted – you have to love this chart! char­ac­ters in­clud­ing Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird and Speedy Gonzales (1908-1989)

“I’m a writer. But then no­body’s per­fect.” – Billy Wilder, Amer­i­can film­maker, screen­writer, pro­ducer, artist and jour­nal­ist (1906-2002)

“There goes the neigh­bour­hood.” – Rod­ney Danger­field, Amer­i­can co­me­dian and ac­tor (1921-2004)

Bill Gates in hell

Bill Gates goes to pur­ga­tory.

St Pe­ter says: “Now Bill, you have done some good things, and you have done some bad things. Now I am go­ing to let you de­cide where you want to go.”

First, St Pe­ter shows Bill an im­age of hell with beau­ti­ful women run­ning on beaches. Then, St Pe­ter shows Bill an im­age of heaven with robed an­gels play­ing harps on clouds. Bill chooses hell. About a week later, St Pe­ter checks in on Bill in hell and finds him be­ing whipped by de­mons.

Bill says to St Pe­ter: “What hap­pened to all the beau­ti­ful women and the beaches?”

St Pe­ter replies: “That was just the screen saver.”

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