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Rick G. Ros­ner @dum­b­ass­ge­nius An­gela Merkel has a PhD in quan­tum chem­istry. Don­ald Trump mis­spelled “tap”. Not ex­actly a meet­ing of the minds.

Sa­man­tha Jones @LaniBlah­nik All these heists & break-ins, and no one has thought of steal­ing Ja­cob Zuma?

Dar­rel Bris­tow-Bovey @db­bovey I’d rather saw off my leg and sit suck­ing out my own bone mar­row with a straw like it’s a slushie than visit the @sterkinekor web­site again.

John Lyon @JohnLy­onTweets I’ve reached the age where look­ing in the mir­ror is like check­ing the news. I know there’ll be some new de­vel­op­ments I won’t like.

Shit Aca­demics Say @Aca­demic­sSay There are two types of peo­ple: those who use the Ox­ford comma, those who don’t and those who should.

VeryBri­tishProb­lems @SoVeryBri­tish “It’s cer­tainly an op­tion” – Trans­la­tion: It’s num­ber 187 533 221 on the list of best op­tions.

The Pale Space Rider @truegritrum­ble Har­mon­i­cas were in­vented in 1932 when the worst per­son in the world de­cided he needed to or­ga­nize his hot air into com­part­ments.

“If past his­tory was all there was to the game, the rich­est peo­ple would be li­brar­i­ans.” − War­ren Buf­fett, bil­lion­aire in­vestor and phi­lan­thropist (1930-)

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