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The three quests

A king is ready to ab­di­cate. He calls his three sons into the throne room. The monarch tells them: “Each of you will re­ceive a trial; the first to com­plete their trial will be­come king.”

Ad­dress­ing his el­dest son, a brave and fool­hardy man of great stature, he says: “You are to bring me your grand­mother’s emer­ald ring, lost decades ago in the wreck of the Wind­breaker, from the bottom of the stormy North Sea.”

“As you wish, Fa­ther,” re­sponds the el­dest son and de­parts at once, de­ter­mined to be­come king.

Then to his mid­dle son, nim­ble and self-right­eous, the king says: “You are to re­trieve your great-grand­fa­ther’s shield, bear­ing our coat of arms, lost at the site of a bat­tle long since for­got­ten, some­where in the per­ilous jun­gles of In­dia.”

“I shall do so at once, Fa­ther,” the mid­dle son an­swers and rushes off.

Then the king turns to his youngest son, who is in­tel­li­gent, but meek com­pared to his older sib­lings. “What do you want me to do, Fa­ther?” the youth asks.

“Bring me a beer. I never liked those ass­holes.”

Eco­nomic trou­bles

World lead­ers Vladimir and Don­ald are tak­ing a break from a long sum­mit. Vladimir says to Don­ald: “Don­ald, you know, I have a big prob­lem I don’t know how to solve. I have 100 body­guards, and one of them is a traitor. But I don’t know which one it is.”

“Not a big deal, Vladimir,” Don­ald re­sponds. “I’m stuck with 100 economists I have to lis­ten to all the time be­fore any pol­icy de­ci­sion and only one tells the truth.”

“That sounds like the same sit­u­a­tion,” Vladimir says.

“Yes,” replies Don­ald. “But in my case it’s never the same one!”

In brief

My motto in life is to al­ways give 100%.

It does make blood do­na­tion quite tricky.

“There is no dig­nity quite so im­pres­sive, and no in­de­pen­dence quite so im­por­tant, as liv­ing within your means.”

− Calvin Coolidge, lawyer and for­mer US pres­i­dent (1872-1933)

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