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Si­mon Brown @Si­monPB

Noth­ing sums up the busi­ness model of a casino more than them re­quir­ing you to pay park­ing on ar­rival.

Deep Fried Man @Deep­FriedMan

If the whole planet is go­ing to be de­stroyed in a nu­clear war I’d like to know be­cause there’s no way I’m pay­ing my TV li­cence.

David Shapiro @david­shapiro61

Us­ing pen­sion sav­ings to fund fail­ing state en­ter­prises is worse than rob­bing your lit­tle girl’s piggy bank for a night out with the boys.

li­eschen to your @li­eschenv

Liv­ing in SA is tricky be­cause tech­ni­cally we have a con­sti­tu­tion, but prac­ti­cally the coun­try runs on a set of gentle­men’s agree­ments.

Karl Sharro @Karl­reMarks

Un­der com­mu­nism you buy ev­ery­thing from a sin­gle state out­let, whereas un­der fully-ma­ture cap­i­tal­ism you buy ev­ery­thing from Ama­zon.

Chris Mo­erdyk @chris­mo­erdyk Some­times I get the feel­ing that LinkedIn is like a com­mu­nity with thou­sands of shops and no cus­tomers.

Cather­ine Cas­sells @cath­jenkin

The dis­ap­point­ment of “Ripe and Ready” av­o­ca­dos that are ac­tu­ally “Rot­ten and Re­volt­ing”.

Rick Aaron @Rick­Aaron

“I ran a half marathon” sounds so much bet­ter than, “I quit half­way through a marathon.”

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