Peu­ge­ot gua­ran­tees fu­tu­re va­lue

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Peu­ge­ot Citro­ën South A­fri­ca has in­tro­du­ced a “Gu­a­ran­teed Fu­tu­re Va­lue” pro­gram­me, to en­coura­ge o­w­ners to up­gra­de their vehi­cles mo­re of­ten wit­hout in­cur­ring ad­di­ti­o­nal cos­ts.

“The South A­fri­can mar­ket is un­der­going a shift in li­ne with in­ter­na­ti­o­nal trends w­he­re we see cu­s­to­mers shif­ting from vehi­cle o­w­ners­hip to mo­bi­li­ty. Alt­hough it is in its in­fan­cy in South A­fri­ca, we can al­re­a­dy see t­his t­rend de­ve­lo­ping and obtai­ning tracti­on. Our Gu­a­ran­teed Fu­tu­re Va­lue en­su­res that cu­s­to­mers can d­ri­ve a new Peu­ge­ot vehi­cle e­very few y­e­ars wit­hout in­cur­ring un­fo­res­een or ad­di­ti­o­nal cos­ts,” said Fran­cis­co Gaie, ma­na­ging di­rec­tor of Peu­ge­ot Citro­ën South A­fri­ca.

Peu­ge­ot now of­fers an As­su­red Fu­tu­re Va­lue (AFV) fi­nan­ci­al agreement cal­led Mo­ti­on Fi­nan­ce, which is a pro­duct of WesBank.

“In to­day’s wor­ld of mo­bi­li­ty, we un­der­stand that cu­s­to­mers are look­ing for pe­a­ce of mind w­hen it co­mes to fi­nan­cing their vehi­cles,” said mar­ke­ting ma­na­ger Di­neo Mofo­keng. “With Mo­ti­on Fi­nan­ce, Peu­ge­ot Citro­ën South A­fri­ca gua­ran­tees cu­s­to­mers the fu­tu­re va­lue of their vehi­cles.”

Gaie ackno­w­led­ged the con­cerns and ga­ve his as­su­ran­ce that he would do e­ver­y­thing pos­si­ble to gi­ve an im­pro­ved of­fe­ring. “We be­lie­ve our GFV pro­gram­me is a step in the rig­ht di­recti­on and will chan­ge the per­cep­ti­ons on Peu­ge­ot’s tra­de-in va­lue,” he said.

The new fu­tu­re va­lue pro­gram­me will be rol­led out on the Peu­ge­ot 208 Acti­ve mo­del and sub­se­quent­ly a­cross the ran­ge. “We are po­si­ti­ve that cu­s­to­mers will wel­co­me the in­tro­ducti­on of the pro­gram­me, which will en­coura­ge them to re­pla­ce their vehi­cle at the con­clu­si­on of their three-y­e­ar war­ran­ty,” Gaie said.

Mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on on the sche­me is a­vai­la­ble on­ti­on­fi­na­ and www.peu­ge­ot.

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