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T­his low main­te­nan­ce fa­ce-brick u­nit is im­me­di­a­te­ly a­vai­la­ble in the se­cu­re and tran­quil Berg­vil­le Re­ti­re­ment Vil­la­ge (secti­o­nal tit­le) in Den­ne­oord. The­re are 3 be­drooms (one en sui­te), 2 bathrooms, o­pen-plan li­ving / di­ning room, kit­chen, laund­ry and a sin­gle au­to­ma­ted ga­ra­ge, acces­si­ble from the hou­se. The li­ving a­rea and the main be­droom fa­ce north.

The be­drooms ha­ve built-in cup­bo­ards and car­pets. Floors in the kit­chen and bathrooms are ti­led. For furt­her con­ve­nien­ce, the­re is a hair sa­lon, a li­bra­ry and a frail ca­re u­nit. Sub­si­di­sed me­als are op­ti­o­nal. The le­vies pay for wa­ter, re­fu­se re­mo­val, se­wera­ge, se­cu­ri­ty, main­te­nan­ce, in­su­ran­ce, and mo­re. Co­me and see for your­self. Ad­dress: Pri­ce: A­gent: Web­si­te:

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