Fashi­o­na­ble, fun new Mi­ni

Mi­ni un­veils its new mo­del ver­si­ons at the De­troit Mo­tor S­how and the cars pro­mi­se mo­re fun dri­ving and a mo­re e­mo­ti­o­nal con­necti­on with new o­w­ners.

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The new e­di­ti­on of the o­ri­gi­nal in the pre­mi­um small car seg­ment is the main fo­cus of the Mi­ni pre­sen­ta­ti­on at the North A­me­ri­can In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Au­to S­how (NAIAS) 2018 in De­troit. It will be a joint pre­mie­re for the new Mi­ni hard­top and the Mi­ni con­ver­ti­ble at the ma­jor in­ter­na­ti­o­nal mo­tor s­how. The up­da­te ran­ges from spe­ci­fic de­sign mo­di­fi­ca­ti­ons and cu­s­to­mi­sa­ti­on op­ti­ons to e­quip­ment and the ad­di­ti­on of the la­test di­gi­tal con­necti­on ser­vi­ces.

NAIAS is tra­di­ti­o­nal­ly the first sig­ni­fi­cant tra­de s­how of the y­e­ar, re­pre­sen­ting the start of the se­a­son for the in­ter­na­ti­o­nal au­to­mo­ti­ve in­du­stry. It ta­kes pla­ce from 20 to 28 Ja­nu­a­ry with a­round 200 exhi­bi­tors from all o­ver the wor­ld pre­sen­ting their la­test mo­dels, pro­ducts, techno­lo­gies and ser­vi­ces.

With its pro­duct up­gra­de, the B­ri­tish-ba­sed au­to­mo­bi­le ma­nu­fac­tu­rer o­w­ned by BMW, ho­pes to high­lig­ht the mo­re ma­tu­re cha­rac­ter and charm of the la­test Mi­ni mo­dels. A black pa­nel for the he­ad­lig­hts adds a stri­king accent to the front view of the new hard­top, the Mi­ni hard­top four-door and the new Mi­ni con­ver­ti­ble. At the back, tail lig­hts al­so get a new de­sign with LED he­ad­lig­hts. As a re­fe­ren­ce to the brand’s B­ri­tish o­ri­g­ins, the struc­tu­re of the lig­hts ta­kes the form of the U­ni­on Jack.

Three new me­tal­lic fi­nis­hes sup­ple­ment the cur­rent ran­ge of bo­dy co­lours. The Mi­ni Cooper S hard­top on s­how in De­troit is fi­nis­hed in So­la­ris Oran­ge me­tal­lic, whi­le the Mi­ni Cooper S Con­ver­ti­ble fe­a­tu­red is in a S­tar­lig­ht Blue me­tal­lic fi­nish.

E­me­rald G­rey me­tal­lic will al­so be a­vai­la­ble for the first ti­me. A­not­her ne­w­ly a­vai­la­ble op­ti­on is Pi­a­no Black Ex­te­ri­or. All mo­dels of the la­test ge­ne­ra­ti­on al­so be­ar the new two-di­men­si­o­nal Mi­ni lo­go at the front and re­ar, as well as on the s­teer­ing w­heel, cen­tral in­stru­ment screen and re­mo­te con­t­rol. The ran­ge of op­ti­o­nal lig­ht al­loy w­heels has been ex­pan­ded as well.

A tou­ch of fresh in­te­ri­or sty­le is pro­vi­ded by a malt bro­wn co­lour for the C­hes­ter le­at­her trim. The co­lour li­ne fe­a­tu­re in the in­te­ri­or pi­a­no black sty­le is now a­vai­la­ble as op­ti­on for the hard­top and the hard­top four-door. T­his com­pri­ses a backlit de­co­ra­ti­ve strip with a U­ni­on Jack motif on the pas­sen­ger si­de of the in­stru­ment pa­nel.

The o­pe­ra­ting sy­stem in the Mi­ni Hard­top, hard­top four-door and Mi­ni Con­ver­ti­ble now in­clu­des a tou­chscreen functi­on for the dis­play in the cen­tral in­stru­ment. Te­lep­ho­ny with wi­re­less char­ging is op­ti­o­nal­ly a­vai­la­ble. Con­nected functi­ons of­fer a va­ri­e­ty of di­gi­tal ser­vi­ces at pre­mi­um le­vel that is u­ni­que in the small car seg­ment. A new fe­a­tu­re he­re is Mi­ni On­li­ne, which in­clu­des cur­rent news and we­at­her re­ports. In ad­di­ti­on to In­tel­li­gent E­mer­gen­cy Call and Mi­ni Te­le­ser­vi­ces, it is now al­so pos­si­ble to use Re­mo­te Ser­vi­ces, Con­cier­ge Ser­vi­ce and Re­al Ti­me Traf­fic In­for­ma­ti­on. The functi­on Send to Car e­na­bles plan­ned rou­tes to be sent from a smart pho­ne and ot­her di­gi­tal tou­ch points to the Mi­ni na­vi­ga­ti­on sy­stem u­sing a con­nected App. A­not­her ne­w­ly a­vai­la­ble fe­a­tu­re is Ap­ple CarPlay pre­pa­ra­ti­on.


Its dis­tincti­ve com­bi­na­ti­on of dri­ving fun, pre­mi­um qua­li­ty and individual sty­le is al­so w­hat ac­counts for the success of Mi­ni in two vehi­cle seg­ments of the US au­to­mo­ti­ve mar­ket as ackno­w­led­ged at the De­troit s­how. Three mo­dels, e­ach with their own dis­tincti­ve cha­rac­te­ris­ti­cs, con­so­li­da­te the po­si­ti­on of Mi­ni in the small car seg­ment

The new Mi­ni Hard­top re­pre­sents the clas­sic bo­dy con­cept, the new Mi­ni Hard­top four-door with its ex­ten­ded functi­o­na­li­ty and the new Mi­ni Con­ver­ti­ble – de­ve­lo­ped for ex­clu­si­ve o­pen-air dri­ving fun. T­hey are a­vai­la­ble in the US as the Mi­ni Cooper with 100kW and the Mi­ni Cooper S with 141kW.

Me­an­w­hi­le, the Mi­ni Clu­bman and the Mi­ni Coun­try­man pro­vi­de e­mo­ti­o­nal re­spon­ses in the pre­mi­um com­pact seg­ment. The u­ni­que bo­dy con­cept with four doors and the two split doors at the re­ar is w­hat gi­ves the Mi­ni Clu­bman its spe­ci­al cha­rac­ter. The Coun­try­man is lar­ger and mo­re ver­sa­ti­le than e­ver. The Mi­ni Cooper S E Coun­try­man ALL4 is al­so the first plug-in hy­brid mo­del to be of­fe­red as part of the brand’s ran­ge.

The Mi­ni Cooper Clu­bman and the Mi­ni Cooper Coun­try­man are po­we­red by a 100kW, 3-cy­lin­der en­gi­ne. The 4-cy­lin­der po­wer u­nit in the Mi­ni Cooper S Clu­bman and the Mi­ni Cooper S Coun­try­man mo­bi­li­se a peak out­put of 141kW. Both en­gi­nes can be op­ti­o­nal­ly com­bi­ned with the ALL4 all-w­heel dri­ve sy­stem.

All-w­heel dri­ve co­mes as stan­dard with the­se ex­tre­me athle­tes in the pre­mi­um com­pact seg­ment, na­me­ly the Mi­ni John Cooper Works Clu­bman and the Mi­ni John Cooper Works Coun­try­man. T­hey are po­we­red by a 4-cy­lin­der tur­bo en­gi­ne with an out­put of 170kW. Dri­ving fun in­spi­red by mo­tor ra­cing is al­so a­vai­la­ble in the small car seg­ment thanks to the 170kW 4-cy­lin­der en­gi­ne which li­ke­wi­se en­su­res an ir­re­sis­ti­ble for­ward thrust in the Mi­ni John

Mi­ni re­tains its yout­hful exu­be­ran­ce and now pro­mi­ses to be e­ven mo­re fun to dri­ve.

New Mi­ni con­ver­ti­ble Cooper Works and the Mi­ni John Cooper Works Con­ver­ti­ble.

We will keep re­a­ders up to da­te on w­hen or if the­se mo­dels are bound for lo­cal dis­tri­bu­ti­on.

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