Da­re­de­vils at it a­gain, t­his ti­me on a quad bi­ke

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Da­re­de­vils En­ri­co S­choe­man and An­dré de Kock are on track to bre­ak yet a­not­her wor­ld re­cord.

The plan to bre­ak a­not­her Guin­ness wor­ld re­cord is still in the e­ar­ly sta­ges, but the duo who u­sed to do stunts at the then Dun­swart Ra­ce Track in Be­no­ni, is con­fi­dent of the next fi­re ad­ven­tu­re.

The re­cord for dri­ving through a fie­ry tun­nel with a quad bi­ke was set by Dan Ser­blin in I­ta­ly in 2012, with a dis­tan­ce of 25m.

The pair al­re­a­dy holds the Guin­ness Wor­ld Re­cord for the lon­ge­st mo­tor­cy­cle ri­de through a tun­nel of fi­re at 120,4m.

De Kock is a mo­to­ring jour­na­list at The Ci­ti­zen, who re­cei­ved re­cog­ni­ti­on for a li­fe­ti­me de­vo­ted to mo­tor sport from the SA Guild of Mo­to­ring Jour­na­lis­ts in 2015.

“We ha­ve got to do it,” said De Kock, w­hen as­ked w­het­her he is con­fi­dent t­hey can a­chie­ve the fe­at.

Boks­burg re­si­dent S­choe­man said, “I’m su­re we can do it, but it’s two dif­fe­rent ri­des [w­hen com­pa­ring it to our wor­ld re­cord].”

De Kock, an Al­ber­ton re­si­dent, said he and his part­ner in stunts are ris­king their li­ves for the thrill.

“You need so­mething to ex­ci­te you; we are not cha­sing re­cords,” he said.

The da­re­de­vils ha­ve al­re­a­dy do­ne a 12m test run on a quad bi­ke at Car­ni­val Ci­ty in No­vem­ber. T­hey will use the pho­tos from t­his run to can­vass the spon­sors the pro­ject de­pends on. With bor­ro­wed mo­ney, t­hey boug­ht the 400cc four­w­heeler that t­hey will at­tempt the re­cord on. The plan is to re­sell it to the per­son t­hey boug­ht it from af­ter the stunt. T­hey ho­pe to set the re­cord mid-next y­e­ar, at a dis­tan­ce of a­bout 100m. The pair emp­ha­si­sed the dan­ger of their at­tempt, high­lig­hting that a crash in the fi­re tun­nel will most de­fi­ni­te­ly le­ad to their de­ath as t­he­re would be no way to es­ca­pe the tun­nel or fla­mes.

The da­re­de­vils in a practi­ce run with the quad bi­ke. INLAS: An­dré de Kock (left) and En­ri­co S­choe­man.

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