Smart stra­te­gies to im­ple­ment w­hen ho­me-sta­ging

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Put­ting a ho­me on the mar­ket can be stress­ful, and so­me o­w­ners ha­ve a hard ti­me ma­king ob­jecti­ve de­ci­si­ons w­hen it mat­ters most, says A­dri­an Gos­lett, re­gi­o­nal di­rec­tor and CEO of RE/MAX of Sout­hern A­fri­ca. "Wor­king with a re­pu­ta­ble, ex­pe­rien­ced re­al e­sta­te pro­fes­si­o­nal will help sel­lers to ma­ke the rig­ht choi­ces w­hen it co­mes to their most va­lu­a­ble as­set. An e­sta­te a­gent will view the ho­me ob­jecti­ve­ly and will be a­ble to pro­vi­de sound ad­vi­ce ba­sed on facts and mar­ket sta­tis­ti­cs."

Gos­lett na­mes a few ways in which a­gents will as­sist sel­lers to op­ti­mi­se their chan­ces of get­ting the most out of their pro­per­ty sa­le:

Pro­vi­de an ob­jecti­ve vie­w­point

Be­fo­re pla­cing the ho­me on the mar­ket, your a­gent may re­com­mend that you per­form re­pairs to cor­rect vi­si­ble flaws. As a fresh, ob­jecti­ve pair of ey­es, t­hey may be a­ble to see t­hings that you as the ho­me­o­w­ner may ha­ve mis­sed. On­ce all re­pairs are com­ple­te, a stra­tegy that the a­gent mig­ht want to im­ple­ment is ho­me sta­ging. Sta­ging the ho­me would in­clu­de de-clut­te­ring and re­mo­ving all per­so­nal i­tems to ma­ke it feel mo­re spa­ci­ous. Re­mo­ving per­so­nal i­tems will al­so help po­ten­ti­al buy­ers to pic­tu­re them­sel­ves li­ving t­he­re.

Pri­ce the ho­me cor­rect­ly

Your a­gent will per­form a cur­rent mar­ket a­na­ly­sis (CMA) to pri­ce the ho­me within the cor­rect pri­cing brac­ket. To do t­his, t­hey will look clo­se­ly at the com­pa­ra­ble sa­les of si­mi­lar ho­mes in your neig­hbour­hood that ha­ve sold in the last 90 days and ta­ke the num­ber of a­vai­la­ble lis­tings in­to ac­count w­hen agreeing to an as­king pri­ce. The ma­jo­ri­ty of ho­mes sold re­cent­ly had a mi­ni­mal dif­fe­ren­ce be­t­ween as­king and sel­ling pri­ce of be­t­ween 7% and 11%.

Ma­ke the most of your mar­ket de­but

Ni­ne out of ten buy­ers use the in­ter­net as their first port of call w­hen se­ar­ching for pro­per­ty, which ma­kes on­li­ne por­tals an im­por­tant mar­ke­ting stra­tegy. As a re­sult, a­round 91% of sel­lers said that their ho­me is lis­ted on­li­ne. New lis­tings are cal­led 'hot' for a re­a­son - be­cau­se buy­ers get ex­ci­ted a­bout them. On a­vera­ge, new lis­tings get four ti­mes mo­re web traf­fic; ho­we­ver, sta­tis­ti­cs s­how that vie­wings are li­ke­ly to cool off no­ti­ce­a­bly af­ter the first 30 days on the mar­ket. If your ho­me is pri­ced too high w­hen it hits the mar­ket, you run the risk that acti­ve, qua­li­fied buy­ers will scroll rig­ht past it du­ring its cru­ci­al first weeks on the mar­ket.

Be­ar in mind

Ho­mes that ha­ve fai­led to at­tract a buy­er in a re­a­so­na­ble pe­ri­od may be o­ver­pri­ced.

Fo­re­clo­su­res or short sa­les in your neig­hbour­hood can im­pact your ho­me's mar­ket va­lue.

It doe­sn't pay to set the pri­ce too high - most buy­ers will need fi­nan­cing, and the bank will ge­ne­ral­ly use an ap­prai­sal ba­sed on re­cent sa­les to jus­ti­fy the lo­an a­mount.

W­hen weig­hing up an of­fer, ma­ke su­re to con­si­der the po­ten­ti­al cos­ts of hol­ding on to your pro­per­ty lon­ger than you want or need to - the­se cos­ts in­clu­de the bond, pro­per­ty ra­tes and taxes, in­su­ran­ce, main­te­nan­ce and mo­re.

"U­sing the rig­ht a­gent and the rig­ht stra­te­gies can help to get the be­st pos­si­ble pri­ce for your ho­me, within the shor­test pos­si­ble ti­me fra­me," Gos­lett con­clu­des.

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