Ma­ke your hou­se a ho­me

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A hou­se pro­vi­des shel­ter, but a ho­me is w­he­re you we­at­her all of li­fe's litt­le storms and re­vel in the suns­hi­ne. He­re are a few t­hings that trans­form a me­re shel­ter in­to a sa­fe ha­ven.

The pe­op­le and ot­her cre­a­tu­res you share it with

Your kids are in the backy­ard playing fe­tch with the dog and your hus­band's tin­ke­ring with so­mething in the kit­chen. Me­an­w­hi­le, the cat's nap­ping on your key­bo­ard, a­gain. E­ver­yo­ne going a­bout their bu­si­ness gi­ves your ho­me the un­mis­ta­ka­ble buzz of li­fe. And that's just as it should be.

All the noi­se

A hou­se full of cre­a­tu­res, fur­ry and hu­man, doe­sn't co­me wit­hout its fair share of rac­ket. Your kid's practi­sing the sa­me three chords o­ver and o­ver (and o­ver) and the TV's bla­ring from the ot­her room. Pots clan­ging, dogs bar­king, doors ban­ging, kids shou­ting, and e­ven the oc­ca­si­o­nal ar­guing. The sounds of to­get­her­ness a­ren't al­ways soo­thing, but your hou­se can feel emp­ty wit­hout them.

... And lack the­re­of

T­hen so­meti­mes, the­re's pe­a­ce­ful, bliss­ful si­len­ce. E­ver­yo­ne's a­sleep or ab­sor­bed in his or her own acti­vi­ties. E­ven bet­ter, you're ho­me al­o­ne.

The ri­tu­als you cre­a­te

From stan­ding Sa­tur­day mo­vie nig­hts to the tra­di­ti­ons you keep with fa­mi­ly and friends, you cre­a­te fond me­mo­ries to­get­her and ma­ke e­ver­yo­ne look for­ward to ma­king mo­re.

The smells of good food cook­ing

For ma­ny, a hou­se isn't a ho­me until it's been cook­ed in. From the waf­ting a­ro­ma of slow-cook­ing stew to the mouthwa­te­ring smells of baking cook­ies, e­very me­al you stir up in your ho­me is nou­rishment for bo­dy and soul.

The dings, scra­t­ches, and flaws

No, you'll ne­ver be a­ble to get the wi­ne stains out of your li­nen ta­ble­cloth, nor will you e­ver get a­round to buf­fing tho­se rings out of the cof­fee ta­ble. And that's o­kay, be­cau­se a per­fect hou­se is just sta­ged, af­ter all. It's an emp­ty sho­wroom w­he­re no one ac­tu­al­ly li­ves. Be proud of all the e­vi­den­ce.

The end­less to-do list

S­pea­king of im­per­fecti­ons, your hou­se al­ways seems to be one or two pro­jects a­way from being com­ple­te. On­ce you get that lig­ht fix­tu­re chan­ged and that bathroom re­no­va­ted, you'll fi­nal­ly be a­ble to re­lax, rig­ht? Keep dre­a­ming.

As long as you're in­te­rested in ma­king your mark on so­mething, tho­se pro­ject i­de­as will keep co­ming.

And the con­stant mess

You pro­ba­bly won't be a­ble to walk a­cross the li­ving room floor wit­hout step­ping on a Le­go or litt­le plas­tic di­no­saur. And your kids are gua­ran­teed to mud­dy your ne­w­ly mop­ped floors within mo­ments.

Com­fy cor­ners

It may be that re­a­ding chair you've mo­ved in­to e­very pla­ce you've li­ved sin­ce col­le­ge, or the me­mo­ry fo­am mat­tress with the plush co­vers you splur­ged on. No mat­ter how cle­an and mo­dern your sty­le, e­very ho­me needs at le­ast one or two co­sy spa­ces w­he­re you can just loun­ge and let loo­se.

The col­lecti­ons you've built

This is the rug you pic­ked up in Pe­ru, and han­ging the­re on the wall is the pain­ting you boug­ht on your ho­ney­moon. W­het­her it's your old re­cord col­lecti­on or the vin­ta­ge pla­tes you've found at flea mar­kets, all the stuff that proud­ly a­dorns your ho­me tells the sto­ry of who you are and w­he­re you've been.

And the fa­mi­ly hei­r­looms

That sto­ry can stretch far in­to the past, too. W­het­her it's your grand­mot­her's quilt dra­ped o­ver the foot of your bed, your pa­rents' wed­ding chi­na, or your gre­at-aunt's C­hip­pen­da­le dres­ser now stan­ding in your be­droom, the­se ob­jects root your ho­me in the past whi­le you ma­ke new sto­ries in the pre­sent.

Ne­ver ha­ving to we­ar re­al clot­hes

The mo­ment you walk through your door, you chan­ge in­to com­fier at­ti­re. The­re's no pla­ce for shape­we­ar, poin­ty shoes, and con­stricting wai­st­li­nes in your ho­me.

A­bo­ve all, it's a­bout the me­mo­ries you ma­ke

This is w­he­re you we­re stan­ding w­hen you found out you we­re preg­nant with your first child.

He­re are the marks on the wall me­a­su­ring your child­ren's gro­wth. And it was at this din­ner ta­ble that you ce­le­bra­ted your last big pro­mo­ti­on. E­very cock­tail par­ty, Chris­t­mas Eve or sim­ple Sun­day af­ter­noon le­a­ves its im­pres­si­on, ma­king your hou­se a re­po­si­to­ry for e­very ex­pe­rien­ce of a li­fe well li­ved.



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