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The hand­bra­ke on vehi­cles is not on­ly in­ten­ded to se­cu­re the vehi­cle w­hen par­ked, but must al­so be a­ble to functi­on as an e­mer­gen­cy bra­ke and hold the vehi­cle a­gainst an in­cli­ne.

In mo­dern vehi­cles with sta­bi­li­ty con­t­rol and e­lec­tric hand­bra­kes, the e­mer­gen­cy and in­cli­ne functi­ons are no lon­ger as im­por­tant as they on­ce we­re, but ro­ad­wor­thi­ness stan­dards still re­qui­re the hand­bra­ke to pro­vi­de accep­ta­ble le­vels of bra­king for­ce.

The ma­jo­ri­ty of hand­bra­kes are self­ad­jus­ting, but if you find your hand­bra­ke is no lon­ger as ef­fecti­ve as it was, con­si­der that the ad­jus­ters may be faul­ty or, in the ca­se of hand­bra­kes which ha­ve se­pa­ra­te shoes and drums to the main w­heel bra­kes, the­se may ha­ve worn out.

If the hand­bra­ke fails to hold the vehi­cle whi­le par­ked and it rolls a­way, you could be held li­a­ble for da­ma­ge or in­ju­ry if in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on shows the­re we­re any faults with the hand­bra­ke. Con­sult a me­cha­nic to en­s­u­re the hand­bra­ke is al­ways a­ble to do its job.

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