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I­ma­gi­ne a ful­ly e­lec­tric se­dan that com­bi­nes a car­bon fi­b­re bo­dy with I­ta­li­an sty­ling, a po­wer­train ca­pa­ble of 0 to 100km in 2,3 se­conds and a to­tal e­lec­tric dri­ving ran­ge of ne­ar­ly 600km per char­ge. The E­lex­tra, due to be un­vei­led this y­e­ar, is de­sig­ned to be just such a car.

The first hints of the E­lex­tra’s bo­dy de­sign we­re gi­ven al­most a y­e­ar ago and it pro­vi­ded a small tas­te of the o­ver­all sleek look that the car’s de­sig­ners we­re ai­ming at. Mo­re re­cent­ly, mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on was re­le­a­sed on the w­ho­le packa­ge, which was de­sig­ned in S­wit­zer­land and will be built in Ger­ma­ny.

Ma­king it tru­ly in­ter­na­ti­o­nal, the­re is al­so a hint of I­ta­li­an ap­pe­al, es­pe­ci­al­ly in its wed­ge no­se.

The E­lex­tra pulls off a spor­ty look whi­le in­cor­po­ra­ting a fa­mi­ly-friend­ly de­sign, thanks in lar­ge part to the re­ar doors being hid­den in the su­per­car-shaped haun­ches.

From a­bo­ve, the­re’s a sig­na­tu­re V al­ong the roof li­ne that ends in the re­ar ed­ges that co­me off the re­ar quar­ter o­ver the re­ar w­heels. A very short-no­sed look up front helps to un­dersco­re how far to the cor­ners the w­heels sit.

The E­lex­tra will be po­we­red by twin e­lec­tric mo­tors with a con­trol­ler-li­mi­ted out­put of 507kW, whi­le the car’s top speed is set at 250km. E­lex­tra’s de­sig­ners say that at a speed of 100km, the car has a to­tal e­lec­tric ran­ge of a­bout 600km. The com­pa­ny claims the E­lex­tra will whis­per from 0 to 100km in 2,3 se­conds, which would just out­do the Te­sla Mo­del S P100D.

The com­pa­ny ha­sn’t an­noun­ced pri­cing, but says it doe­sn’t ex­pect to build mo­re than 100 ex­am­ples of the mo­del.

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