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The wait is al­most o­ver for Ja­guar’s se­ri­ous­ly smart E-PACE. It has been de­sig­ned and en­gi­nee­red to in­tro­du­ce new fans to the brand in March. If you ha­ven’t star­ted sa­ving yet, this bold ba­by may gi­ve you the go by.

Ja­guar’s se­ri­ous­ly smart com­pact sports u­ti­li­ty vehi­cle (SUV), the E-PACE, is al­most he­re. De­sig­ned and en­gi­nee­red to in­tro­du­ce new fans to the brand, the al­ways-con­nected E-PACE will start at R598 500 w­hen it laun­ches in March.

The E-PACE is the ne­west mem­ber of Ja­guar’s SUV fa­mi­ly, joi­ning the Wor­ld Car of the Ye­ar-win­ning F-PACE per­for­man­ce SUV and Ja­guar’s first all-e­lec­tric

SUV, the I-PACE Con­cept.

Its ex­te­ri­or de­sign is in­spi­red by the F-TYPE sports car and cha­rac­te­ri­sed by the dis­tincti­ve Ja­guar gril­le, muscu­lar pro­por­ti­ons, short o­ver­hangs and po­wer­ful haun­ches. Op­ti­o­nal 21” al­loy w­heels gi­ve the E-PACE a bold and pur­po­se­ful stan­ce, in­stant­ly com­mu­ni­ca­ting dy­n­a­mic a­gi­li­ty.

Ja­guar sports car cha­rac­te­ris­ti­cs are al­so e­vi­dent in the fast sweep of the roof li­ne and the dis­tincti­ve si­de win­dows.

The E-PACE is one of the most con­nected and in­tel­li­gent vehi­cles in its class. The tou­chscreen in­fo­tai­n­ment sy­stem con­nects cu­s­to­mers to their fa­vou­ri­te apps through Ja­guar Land Ro­ver’s InCon­t­rol. Di­gi­tal con­necti­vi­ty can be found throug­hout its ca­bin, pro­vi­ding mo­dern fa­mi­lies with up to four 12-volt char­ging points and fi­ve USB con­necti­ons, as well as a 4G Wi-Fi hots­pot for up to eig­ht de­vi­ces.

All E-PACE mo­dels in South A­fri­ca will of­fer all w­heel dri­ve (AWD) as stan­dard, u­sing Ja­guar’s Acti­ve D­ri­ve­li­ne techno­lo­gy to de­li­ver op­ti­mal sta­bi­li­ty, dri­ving enga­ge­ment and fu­el ef­fi­cien­cy in all con­di­ti­ons.

Un­der the bon­net, E-PACE fe­a­tu­res a choi­ce of fi­ve ef­fi­cient yet po­wer­ful In­ge­ni­um en­gi­nes: from an ul­tra-ef­fi­cient 110kW die­sel en­gi­ne that de­li­vers con­sump­ti­on of 5,6 lit­res per 100km to high-per­for­man­ce tur­bo pe­trol that will po­wer the E-PACE from 0 to 100km in just 6,4 se­conds.

Cu­s­to­mers can spe­ci­fy the en­gi­ne that be­st suits them w­hen con­fi­gu­ring their E-PACE or E-PACE R-Dy­n­a­mic.

Ja­guar of­fers the choi­ce of four re­com­men­ded trim le­vels to choo­se from: stan­dard, S, SE and

HSE. A flags­hip E-PACE First E­di­ti­on mo­del is al­so a­vai­la­ble on or­der, but on­ly du­ring the first ye­ar of sa­le.

The new Ja­guar E-PACE will be a­vai­la­ble at Ja­guar de­a­lers from March. All new

Ja­guar cars co­me with a fi­ve ye­ar ca­re plan: a fi­ve ye­ar or 100 000km ser­vi­ce plan, a fi­ve ye­ar or 100 000km main­te­nan­ce plan and a fi­ve ye­ar or 100 000km war­ran­ty.

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