How to cre­a­te a sty­lish bar at ho­me

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So­meti­mes the be­st pla­ce for an af­ter-work drink or wee­kend ce­le­bra­ti­on is at ho­me.

Pick a spot

Be­fo­re you start mo­ving t­hings a­round to ma­ke spa­ce for your litt­le pie­ce of luxu­ry, ma­ke su­re that you find the rig­ht spot.

"This re­al­ly de­pends on the si­ze of your ho­me, and how you in­tend u­sing your bar - w­het­her it's day or nig­ht en­ter­tai­ning or both," says Me­gan Bond, from OBJEK Ar­chi­tec­tu­re and In­te­ri­ors.

U­su­al­ly, a ho­me bar is lo­ca­ted in the so­ci­al hub of your ho­me, ne­ar the kit­chen or in a part of your li­ving / di­ning a­rea.

She ad­vi­ses that you keep the pro­por­ti­ons and the er­go­no­mi­cs of a bar in mind. "Bar­stools should be com­for­ta­ble and sui­ted to the heig­ht of the bar. Lig­hting is al­ways key, es­pe­ci­al­ly if your bar is u­sed du­ring the day and at nig­ht. A g­re­at bar is or­ga­ni­sed and has a pla­ce for e­ver­y­thing."

All that jazz

Af­ter ta­king ca­re of all the 'gro­wn-up' t­hings, the fun part hap­pens - fin­ding and buying acces­so­ries.

"A­gain, si­ze de­pen­dent, but a frid­ge, a bin and a sink are i­de­al for any ho­me bar. And of cour­se a g­re­at sound sy­stem," says Bond.

"Ho­me bars can be a­ny­thing from a con­ce­a­led u­nit with e­ver­y­thing, in­te­gra­ted, to an en­ti­re spa­ce de­di­ca­ted to the bar. In­te­res­ting fi­nis­hes are being u­sed for tops, is­lands and splash backs, li­ke bron­ze, cop­pers and mar­bles. De­co­ra­ti­ve lig­hting and pen­dants can al­so ma­ke a sta­te­ment, and be­co­me a stan­dout fe­a­tu­re." On­ce all the hard work is do­ne, all you need to do is in­vi­te your friends a­round to to­ast your new ho­me bar.

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