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It is a wi­de­ly-held be­lief that parts for F­rench ma­nu­fac­tu­red vehi­cles are ex­pen­si­ve and hard to co­me by. The aut­ho­ri­ta­ti­ve 2017 Kin­sey re­port con­tra­dicts t­his in no un­cer­tain terms as Peu­ge­ot has on­ce a­gain ca­me up trumps with the c­he­a­pest parts bas­ket in its ca­te­go­ry.

The 2017 Kin­sey re­port has gi­ven top spot to Peu­ge­ot for the se­cond con­se­cu­ti­ve ye­ar. The new Peu­ge­ot 2008 SUV Acti­ve Die­sel was found to ha­ve the c­he­a­pest parts bas­ket of all in the com­pe­ti­ti­ve Com­pact Cros­so­ver seg­ment, one of the most toughly con­te­sted ca­te­go­ries of the sur­vey, fi­nis­hing a­he­ad of the Ford E­coS­port 1,0T and Ma­z­da CX3 2,0l. The Peu­ge­ot 208 won the su­per mi­ni seg­ment in 2016.

“We are proud to see that Peu­ge­ot has con­ti­nu­ed its po­si­ti­ve per­for­man­ce. The re­sults of the 2017 Kin­sey re­port on­ce a­gain pro­ve that the brand’s parts pricing is bet­ter than a­vera­ge, put­ting paid to the myth that Peu­ge­ot parts are ex­pen­si­ve.” ma­na­ging di­rec­tor of Peu­ge­ot in South A­fri­ca, Fran­cis­co Gaie, com­men­ted.

The sur­vey is car­ried out a­no­ny­mous­ly. Parts for e­ach vehi­cle are grou­ped in­to three ca­te­go­ries (ser­vi­ce, main­te­nan­ce and crash). P­ri­ces are then com­pa­red with their com­pe­ti­tors, co­ve­ring dif­fe­rent mar­ket seg­ments. The win­ner is cho­sen from the c­he­a­pest in the three ca­te­go­ries com­bi­ned.

The Peu­ge­ot 2008 SUV sco­red well in the three ma­jor ca­te­go­ries u­sed to e­va­lu­a­te the cos­ts of main­tai­ning and re­pai­ring cars, that we­re ap­p­lied to a to­tal of 64 vehi­cles a­cross ni­ne mo­to­ring ca­te­go­ries (all p­ri­ces mo­ni­to­red in­clu­ded VAT).

Ca­te­go­ry A

co­vers e­ver­y­day re­pla­ce­a­ble i­tems, such as air fil­ters, s­park plugs, bra­ke pads and wiper bla­des.

co­vers ma­jor i­tems, such as cam belts, shock ab­sor­bers, clutch and pres­su­re pla­tes, fly­w­heels and fan belts.

looks at ma­jor re­pla­ce­ment bo­dy cos­ts, such as bon­nets, gril­les, doors, fen­ders and bum­per skins, and lig­ht as­sem­blies.

“We are de­ter­mi­ned to dis­pel the ne­ga­ti­ve per­cep­ti­on re­gar­ding our parts pricing by con­tinuing to work hard to pro­ve that per­cep­ti­on is not re­a­li­ty,” Gaie said.

“Af­ter­sa­les is a cri­ti­cal a­rea for any brand in any mar­ket. With parts pricing be­co­ming an es­sen­ti­al as­pect of the vehi­cle pur­cha­sing de­ci­si­on, we ha­ve fo­cu­sed a tre­men­dous a­mount of e­ner­gy and re­sour­ces on t­his as­pect of our bu­si­ness.

“T­his is e­vi­dent in the im­pres­si­ve re­cord of first class re­sults we ha­ve a­chie­ved in the sur­vey going back to 2013 w­hen we won with the most af­for­da­ble parts bas­ket in the su­per-mi­ni seg­ment, co­ming se­cond in 2014, thi­rd in 2015 and win­ning in 2016 and a­gain in 2017.

“We re­a­li­se how im­por­tant parts pricing and a­vai­la­bi­li­ty are as an in­flu­en­ce on long-term o­w­ners­hip, par­ti­cu­lar­ly w­hen it co­mes to vehi­cles co­ming out of warranty.

“In t­his re­gard we ha­ve re­cent­ly laun­ched the Peu­ge­ot E­co­nomy ser­vi­ce, which al­lows cu­s­to­mers to pam­per their “ol­der” vehi­cles with ap­pro­ved re­pla­ce­ment ser­vi­ce parts, which are sup­p­lied by PSA Fran­ce and car­ry the sa­me gua­ran­tee as the “gen­ui­ne” parts at sig­ni­fi­cant­ly re­du­ced p­ri­ces,” Gaie con­clu­ded.

Ca­te­go­ry B Ca­te­go­ry C

Safety re­mains a co­re at­tri­bu­te of the Peu­ge­ot 208. It has a com­pre­hen­si­ve ar­ray of acti­ve and pas­si­ve sy­s­tems a­cross the en­ti­re mo­del ran­ge. Acti­ve safety sy­s­tems in­clu­de ABS an­ti-lock bra­kes with e­lec­tro­nic bra­ke for­ce dis­tri­bu­ti­on (EBD) and e­mer­gen­cy bra­ke as­sist (EBA), whi­le pas­si­ve fe­a­tu­res in­clu­de du­al front and cur­tain ai­r­bags, in­er­tia reel se­at belts, and front and re­ar he­ad re­straints.

The ha­zard lig­hts acti­va­te au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly un­der

The ne­w­ly up­da­ted Peu­ge­ot 208 ran­ge is pri­ced as fol­lows: 208 ACTI­VE 1,2 Pu­reTech BVM 60kW MT - R224 900; 208 ALLURE 1,2 Pu­reTech BVM 60kW MT - R239 900; 208 GT-LI­NE 1,2 Pu­reTech BVM 81kW Tur­bo MT - R259 900. P­ri­ce in­clu­des a three ye­ar or 100 000km warranty and three ye­ar or 45 000km ser­vi­ce plan.

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