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Tes­ting in the 2018 Wesbank and SA Guild of Mo­to­ring Journalists Car of the Y­e­ar com­pe­ti­ti­on has been com­ple­ted and ju­r­ors meet­ing at sub­se­quent me­dia e­vents are ha­ving the be­st ti­me ar­guing a­bout their sco­res be­fo­re the fi­nal choi­ce will be an­noun­ced on 13 March at Gal­lag­her E­sta­te in Gau­teng.

Re­a­ders may won­der w­hat our mo­to­ring editor, A­ni­ca Kr­ü­ger, pre­dicts. She has accu­ra­te­ly pre­dicted the win­ner for the past two y­e­ars on Ig­ni­ti­on TV, and t­his was her first first ti­me as full ju­ry mem­ber.

“I re­al­ly en­joy­ed dri­ving both the BMW 5-Se­ries and the Al­fa Ro­meo Gi­u­lia du­ring the ro­ad test days. On track at Ky­a­la­mi and on the skid pan tes­ts, the Porsche Pa­na­me­ra was very im­pres­si­ve. W­he­re e­ver­y­day and af­for­da­ble cars are con­cer­ned, the Su­zu­ki Ig­nis and Kia Pi­can­to we­re the re­al sur­pri­se packa­ges. The O­pel Astra was last y­e­ar’s win­ner and a highly po­pu­lar choi­ce, which I pre­dicted. T­his y­e­ar, with ten re­al­ly ex­cel­lent fi­na­lis­ts to choo­se from, the pre­dicti­on is much mo­re dif­fi­cult. The Al­fa Gi­u­lia mig­ht well sna­tch the ho­nour, but don’t ta­ke your eye off the Ig­nis either,” is the clo­sest A­ni­ca will ven­tu­re for t­his y­e­ar’s win­ner.

Ser­ving as a ju­r­or is con­si­de­red an ho­nour e­ven in our jaun­di­ced ti­mes, and A­ni­ca ser­ved two y­e­ars as trai­nee ju­r­or be­fo­re being vo­ted as a full ju­ry mem­ber by ot­her mo­to­ring journalists.

The sco­ring is do­ne u­sing a spe­ci­al di­gi­tal sy­stem, from which the fi­nal win­ner is de­ci­ded.


Kr­ü­ger re­joi­ned the fourth e­sta­te in 2009 as mo­to­ring editor af­ter 17 y­e­ars as me­dia di­rec­tor and co-o­w­ner of a success­ful PR and advertising a­gen­cy in Gau­teng. The com­pa­ny spe­ci­a­li­sed in trans­port, re­pre­sen­ting well o­ver a do­zen glo­bal clients that in­clu­ded au­to­mo­ti­ve and truck brands, cou­rier and ex­press freig­ht, ro­ad trans­port, freig­ht for­war­ding, ship­ping li­nes and se­ver­al ai­r­li­nes, as well as in­ter­na­ti­o­nal tou­rism and tra­de aut­ho­ri­ties.

“We hand­led e­ver­y­thing with w­heels and re­la­ting to tra­vel, in­clu­ding gi­ants li­ke Lam­bor­g­hi­ni, Fe­dEx, DAF Trucks, KLM Roy­al Dutch Ai­r­li­nes, Car­go Car­riers, G­rin­drod Li­mi­ted and Toll Glo­bal For­war­ding,” she re­calls. But res­ting on past succes­ses is not e­nough and she has di­li­gent­ly con­ti­nu­ed her pro­fes­si­o­nal de­ve­lop­ment (CPD) with SAGMJ and the SA E­thi­cs In­s­ti­tu­te, of which she is a foun­ding mem­ber.

She par­ti­cu­lar­ly en­joys dus­ting off her cry­stal ball to re­port on fu­tu­re e­ner­gy al­ter­na­ti­ves. Kr­ü­ger says her men­tor in mo­to­ring was the gre­a­test of them all - Ben van Rens­burg, who was at the helm of Mo­tor­beeld from the be­gin­ning.

“Ben took pi­ty on me at the ‘plat­te­land’ e­di­to­ri­al desk and no­mi­na­ted me to co­ver ral­lies as far-flung as the Ka­la­ha­ri. That way I could al­so re­port on the lar­ge­st wa­ter­me­lons in a par­ti­cu­lar dis­trict in the sa­me go,” Kr­ü­ger smi­les.

The re­al s­park of lo­ve for mo­to­ring was ig­ni­ted by Land Ro­ver and Ley­land Trucks w­he­re Kr­ü­ger laun­ched se­ver­al mo­dels as me­dia di­rec­tor and co-o­w­ner, la­ter as ma­na­ging di­rec­tor of the PR and advertising a­gen­cy.

“T­ho­se we­re the y­e­ars I should ha­ve boug­ht a Porsche or two, but I left that to my stock­bro­ker brot­her. Inste­ad I spent it all on fol­lo­wing Man­ches­ter U­ni­ted,” she says. “Not a mi­nu­te’s re­gret a­bout that either - I saw most of the gre­a­test go­als sco­red du­ring the A­lex Fer­gu­son era with my own ey­es. The Sout­hern Ca­pe was al­so a g­re­at pla­ce to be du­ring the 2010 Wor­ld Cup, with three in­ter­na­ti­o­nal te­ams ba­sed in Knys­na and Ge­or­ge.”

That’s why Kr­ü­ger’s cars - and pre­fe­ra­bly test cars too - just ha­ve to be red!


The 26-mem­ber ju­ry vo­ted for the fi­na­lis­ts from an o­ri­gi­nal list of 35 e­li­gi­ble vehi­cle ran­ges. The fi­na­lis­ts are, in al­p­ha­be­ti­cal or­der: Al­fa Ro­meo Gi­u­lia, Au­di q5, BMW 5 Se­ries, Kia Pi­can­to, Land Ro­ver Dis­co­ve­ry, Peu­ge­ot 3008, Porsche Pa­na­me­ra, Su­zu­ki Ig­nis, Toyo­ta C-HR and Vol­vo S90.

(Au­to­de­a­ler) (Dri­ve South A­fri­ca

Com­ra­des - but e­ach has their own o­pi­ni­on on the be­st cars. From left: Eg­mont Sip­pel (Rap­port), A­ni­ca Kr­ü­ger and Ray Le­at­hern blog­ger).

Sco­ring is not for the we­ak. A­ni­ca Kr­ü­ger (rig­ht) and ju­ry part­ner, Speed Qu­een Je­a­ni­ne-Lee van der Post, get their teeth in­to the di­gi­tal ra­ting at the end of day one.

P­ho­tos: In­ge Lam­precht / SAGMJ

The Por­che Pa­na­me­ra being put through its pa­ces on the Ky­a­la­mi track.

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