Ci­ty­p­roof Qashqai gets in­tel­li­gent

Nis­san In­tel­li­gent Mo­bi­li­ty techno­lo­gy, in­te­ri­or qua­li­ty, im­pro­ved per­for­man­ce and con­tem­po­ra­ry de­sign ha­ve been ad­ded to the new cros­so­ver.

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The Nis­san Qashqai is the be­st-sel­ling ur­ban cros­so­ver in Eu­ro­pe - and now it is a­vai­la­ble in South A­fri­ca with sig­ni­fi­cant p­re­mi­um en­han­ce­ments. Nis­san des­cri­bes it as the per­fect part­ner to con­quer the ci­ty and af­ter a dri­ve through the bus­t­ling Jo­zi traf­fic and so­me in­te­res­ting highway secti­ons a­round P­re­to­ria, one can on­ly agree.

The Qashqai was im­pres­si­ve, qui­et and very re­spon­si­ve w­hen quick de­ci­si­ons we­re ne­ces­sa­ry.

A­part from the ad­van­ta­ges of a com­pe­tent ur­ban war­ri­or, it was mo­re than re­fi­ned e­nough to slip in­to a par­king slot next to a ci­vi­li­sed P­re­to­ria re­stau­rant.

As a pi­o­neer of the cros­so­ver seg­ment, Nis­san has a deep un­der­stan­ding of its cu­s­to­mer needs - and it has to be no­ted that t­he­se are to de­mand the be­st of e­ver­y­thing at an af­for­da­ble o­ver­all pri­ce.

The vehi­cle seems to be get­ting t­his rig­ht sin­ce the first Nis­san Qashqai was laun­ched in 2007, 3,3-mil­li­on u­nits ha­ve been sold glo­bal­ly. The wi­de-ran­ging chan­ges to the up­gra­ded mo­del are ba­sed on cu­s­to­mer feed­back and les­sons le­arnt to es­ta­blish new le­vels of com­fort.

The “ci­ty­p­roof” Qashqai’s im­pro­vements fo­cus on the ad­di­ti­on of Nis­san In­tel­li­gent Mo­bi­li­ty techno­lo­gy, hig­her le­vels of in­te­ri­or qua­li­ty, im­pro­ved per­for­man­ce and a con­tem­po­ra­ry ex­te­ri­or de­sign.


Nis­san has in­tro­du­ced its highly in­no­va­ti­ve techno­lo­gies, kno­wn as Nis­san In­tel­li­gent Mo­bi­li­ty (NIM), to vehi­cles cur­rent­ly a­vai­la­ble in SA. The Pa­trol and X-Trail, which we­re laun­ched last y­e­ar, ha­ve se­ver­al NIM fe­a­tu­res and the new Qashqai al­so be­ne­fits from t­he­se techno­lo­gies.


In­si­de, the Qashqai is now mo­re so­phi­sti­ca­ted thanks to sty­lish up­gra­des which are mo­re dri­ver-o­rien­ted. It all starts with a spor­ty new D-shaped s­teer­ing w­heel, which has a ho­ri­zon­tal ba­se for e­a­sy mo­vement in and out of the Qashqai. The four­way con­trol­lers on the s­teer­ing are new and of­fer cu­s­to­mers less need to ta­ke their ey­es off the ro­ad. The new Qashqai’s ca­bin will help con­quer the ur­ban jungle and ta­ke con­t­rol of the ci­ty. Se­ver­al cle­ver s­tora­ge so­lu­ti­ons are found throug­hout the vehi­cle, with a 430-lit­re boot which in­cre­a­ses to 680 lit­res w­hen the 60:40 split re­ar se­ats are fol­ded flat.

A­dap­ting to cu­s­to­mer sug­ges­ti­ons for ex­cel­lent au­dio qua­li­ty, the Nis­san Qashqai now has an all-new se­ven-spea­ker BO­SE P­re­mi­um sound sy­stem with twee­ters, woof­ers and a di­gi­tal am­pli­fier. Cu­s­to­mers who choo­se the com­pre­hen­si­ve­ly specced Te­kna mo­del will now en­joy con­cert-li­ke, com­for­ting lis­te­ning ex­pe­rien­ces whi­le bla­zing a trail through the ci­ty cha­os.


The Qashqai’s ri­de, hand­ling and s­teer­ing ha­ve been im­pro­ved in li­ne with cu­s­to­mer feed­back to of­fer su­bli­me ri­de com­fort and a cal­mer bo­dy mo­ti­on.

The dam­pers ha­ve been re­tu­ned, the an­ti-roll bar stif­f­ness has been in­cre­a­sed to main­tain hand­ling per­for­man­ce and the NIM Acti­ve Ri­de Con­t­rol Sy­stem re­du­ces bo­dy mo­ti­on w­hen en­coun­te­ring lar­ge bumps.

Im­pro­vements ha­ve been ma­de throug­hout the new Qashqai to re­du­ce noi­se, vi­bra­ti­on and harshness le­vels. They in­clu­de mo­re sound in­su­la­ti­on ma­te­ri­al, ad­di­ti­o­nal se­a­ling and thic­ker re­ar door glass to im­pro­ve re­ar pas­sen­ger ex­pe­rien­ce. The­re is al­so less en­gi­ne noi­se thanks to po­wer­train ca­li­bra­ti­on im­pro­vements.


The new Nis­san Qashqai main­tains its fi­ve-star Eu­ro N­cap sa­fe­ty ra­ting. P­ri­ces in­clu­si­ve of VAT are: 1,2 T Vi­sia - R334 900; 1,2 T Vi­sia plus al­loys - R346 700; 1,2 T A­cen­ta - R367 000; 1,2 T A­cen­ta CVT - R381 000; 1,2 T A­cen­ta Plus CVT - R394 000; 1,5 dCI A­cen­ta - R394 000; 1,5 dCI A­cen­ta Plus - R407 000 and top-of-the­ran­ge 1,5 dCI Te­kna - R434 000.

The Qashqai is bac­ked up by Nis­san As­su­red and in­clu­des 24-hour ro­ad­s­i­de as­sis­tan­ce. It has a class-le­a­ding six y­e­ar or 150 000km war­ran­ty, plus a com­pre­hen­si­ve three y­e­ar or 90 000km ser­vi­ce plan.

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