Fer­ra­ri 488 Pis­ta a true track ma­chi­ne

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The 488 Pis­ta, which will be un­vei­led at the u­p­co­ming Ge­ne­va Mo­tor S­how, is the succes­sor to Fer­ra­ri’s V8-en­gi­ned spe­ci­al se­ries - the 360 C­hal­len­ge S­tra­da­le, 430 S­cu­de­ria and 458 S­pe­ci­a­le. The­se ha­ve all re­cei­ved cri­ti­cal acclaim for their per­for­man­ce and un­di­lu­ted hand­ling.

The Fer­ra­ri 488 Pis­ta marks a sig­ni­fi­cant step for­ward from the pre­vi­ous spe­ci­al se­ries in terms of spor­ty dy­n­a­mi­cs and the le­vel of techno­lo­gi­cal car­ryo­ver from ra­cing. The na­me is, in fact, a di­rect ho­ma­ge to Fer­ra­ri’s un­pa­ral­le­led her­i­ta­ge in mo­tor sports.

The car de­ve­lo­ped di­rect­ly from the com­pa­ny’s in­vol­vement in the FIA Wor­ld En­du­ran­ce C­ham­pi­ons­hip w­he­re it has won fi­ve Ma­nu­fac­tu­rers’ tit­les.

The 488 Pis­ta’s ex­ten­si­ve weig­ht sa­ving so­lu­ti­ons, al­ong with en­gi­ne, vehi­cle dy­n­a­mi­cs and a­e­ro­dy­n­a­mic de­ve­lop­ments, de­ri­ve from Fer­ra­ri’s ra­cing cars, the 488 GTE and the 488 C­hal­len­ge.

The re­sult is a car with an un­com­pro­mi­sing mis­si­on: to of­fer track-li­ke per­for­man­ce on and off the ro­ad, e­ven w­hen in the hands of non­pro­fes­si­o­nal dri­vers.

Com­pa­red to the 488 GTB, the new mo­del weighs an im­pres­si­ve 90kg less which, w­hen com­bi­ned with the lar­ge­st e­ver in­cre­a­se in en­gi­ne po­wer for a spe­ci­al se­ries car (37kW mo­re), re­sults in a new ben­ch­mark for Fer­ra­ri’s V8 sports cars.

Its en­gi­ne is the most po­wer­ful V8 in Fer­ra­ri his­to­ry and is an ex­tre­me e­vo­lu­ti­on of the u­nit that has won the In­ter­na­ti­o­nal En­gi­ne of the Y­e­ar a­ward in both 2016 and 2017. It pun­ches out 530kW with the hig­hest spe­ci­fic out­put in its class (136kW per lit­re).

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