Vin­ta­ge 911s tur­ned in­to all-e­lec­tric cars

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Re­sto­ring and up­gra­ding old Porsche 911s has be­co­me a cot­ta­ge in­du­stry, but no one does it li­ke Voi­tu­res Ex­tra­vert. The Dutch com­pa­ny was foun­ded to keep t­he­se clas­sic s­ports cars on the ro­ad e­ven if in­ter­nal com­bus­ti­on should one day be ban­ned from Eu­ro­pe­an ci­ty cen­tres. So Voi­tu­res Ex­tra­vert ta­kes out the stock flat-six en­gi­nes and re­pla­ces them with e­lec­tric po­wer­trains.

The com­pa­ny calls its e­lec­tric 911 the Quin­t­es­sen­za - and it’s a­vai­la­ble in two con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons. The Quin­t­es­sen­za SE is sty­led to look li­ke a 1960s 911, whi­le the Quin­t­es­sen­za TE bor­rows sty­ling fe­a­tu­res from la­ter 1980s mo­dels. Voi­tu­res Ex­tra­vert u­ses o­ri­gi­nal 911s that would be u­ne­co­no­mic to re­sto­re ot­her­wi­se. The com­pa­ny’s car-mad o­w­ners don’t want to rip up pris­ti­ne cars.

Both Quin­t­es­sen­za mo­dels sport a 60kWh bat­te­ry pack that pro­vi­des a clai­med ran­ge of 400km. Voi­tu­res Ex­tra­vert al­so claims a 0 to 100km ti­me of 6,0 se­conds and a top speed of 200km. That isn’t lig­ht­ning fast by mo­dern s­tan­dards, but ap­pro­pri­a­te for cars from the era and e­ven good con­si­de­ring the ad­ded weig­ht of the bat­te­ries.

Voi­tu­res Ex­tra­vert dis­tri­bu­tes the bat­te­ry cells in the car, al­lo­wing for a clai­med 50/50 front to re­ar weig­ht dis­tri­bu­ti­on. That’s a ma­jor a­chie­vement for a 911, as t­he­se cars are o­ri­gi­nal­ly tail-he­a­vy due to their re­ar-moun­ted en­gi­nes.

Voi­tu­re Ex­tra­vert al­so fits its cars with up­gra­ded bra­kes and ad­jus­ta­ble dam­pers, as well as con­ve­nien­ce i­tems li­ke po­wer s­teer­ing and air con­di­ti­o­ning.

One of Voi­tu­res Ex­tra­vert’s e­lec­tric 911s will set you back a­bout R4,3-mil­li­on at cur­rent ex­chan­ge ra­tes. That pri­ce does in­clu­de the cost of the do­nor car, which Voi­tu­res Ex­tra­vert sour­ces. The fi­nis­hed pro­duct co­mes with a fi­ve y­e­ar or 99 000km war­ran­ty.

Voi­tu­res Ex­tra­vert plans to build on­ly fi­ve cars this y­e­ar, all of which are al­re­a­dy sold. The com­pa­ny is ta­king or­ders for next y­e­ar’s pro­ducti­on run of 12 cars. By 2020, Voi­tu­res Ex­tra­vert ho­pes to be com­ple­ting three cars per month.

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