SA a­lu­mi­ni­um bat­te­ry box u­sed in Te­sla

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The K­waZu­lu-Na­tal ba­sed a­lu­mi­ni­um rol­ling o­pe­ra­ti­on, Hu­la­min, has car­ved out a very im­por­tant glo­bal ni­che. It is now the on­ly sup­plier in the wor­ld that can pro­du­ce a cru­ci­al fit­ting that e­na­bles Wi-Fi con­necti­ons on ai­r­craft, says CEO Ri­chard Ja­cob.

Hu­la­min ma­kes rol­led a­lu­mi­ni­um pro­ducts, u­sing high-end techno­lo­gy and ad­ding si­li­con al­loys li­ke si­li­con, it ma­nu­fac­tu­res very spe­ci­a­li­sed pro­ducts that are u­sed in e­lec­tric vehi­cles li­ke Te­sla.

Hu­la­min is one of the few pro­du­cers of high-end a­lu­mi­ni­um pro­ducts for e­lec­tric cars. Hu­la­min has a long-stan­ding con­tract with South A­fri­can-born Elon Musk’s Te­sla car com­pa­ny to sup­ply bat­te­ry box ba­se pla­tes. T­he­se ul­tra-lig­ht he­at-tre­a­ted pla­tes can wit­hstand mas­si­ve a­mounts of weig­ht and he­at. Hu­la­min has a gro­wing client ba­se for its e­lec­tric car in­puts.

Ja­cob es­ti­ma­tes that Hu­la­min in Pie­ter­ma­ritz­burg now con­trols half the glo­bal mar­ket for ul­tra high-end a­lu­mi­ni­um pro­ducts.

He said that mo­ving the fac­to­ry to the US would not ma­ke sen­se to clients in Ger­ma­ny and Ja­pan. The ef­fi­cient Dur­ban har­bour is on­ly 80km a­way and the cost of trans­por­ting it to ot­her mar­kets is re­a­so­na­ble. From a glo­bal per­specti­ve, South A­fri­ca is not bad­ly po­si­ti­o­ned at all.

'Long-stan­ding con­tract with South A­fri­can-born Elon Musk’s Te­sla car'

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