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It has been de­ter­mi­ned that a­bout 28 000 Ma­z­das in South A­fri­ca are af­fected by the on­going Ta­ka­ta ai­r­bag scan­dal that has roc­ked the Ja­pa­ne­se car in­du­stry. The vehi­cles in­vol­ved in­clu­de Ma­z­da2, Ma­z­da6 and RX-8 vehi­cles pro­du­ced be­t­ween 2002 and 2014.

Sin­ce the first re­call an­noun­ce­ment, Ma­z­da South A­fri­ca has sent out a press re­le­a­se, pro­vi­ded in­for­ma­ti­on on its web­si­te and com­mu­ni­ca­ted through print ad­ver­ti­se­ments to ur­ge all Ma­z­da cu­s­to­mers with pos­si­bly af­fected vehi­cles to ta­ke their vehi­cles to their ne­a­rest Ma­z­da de­a­ler for ai­r­bag in­fla­tor re­pla­ce­ment. With the re­spon­se ra­te at a­bout 9%, Ma­z­da is con­cer­ned that the ma­jo­ri­ty of cu­s­to­mers has not re­spon­ded to get re­pla­ce­ment fit­tings. T­he­se Ma­z­da cu­s­to­mers could still be dri­ving a­round with pos­si­bly de­fecti­ve ai­r­bags.

Ma­z­da is em­bar­king on a mo­re in­ten­se re­call a­wa­re­ness cam­paign to re­ach Ma­z­da dri­vers with pos­si­bly af­fected vehi­cles, en­coura­ging them to es­ta­blish if their vehi­cles are af­fected. Cu­s­to­mers should vi­sit their ne­a­rest de­a­lers­hip to ha­ve their vehi­cle ai­r­bag(s) in­fla­tor re­pla­ced.

Ma­z­da cu­s­to­mers ha­ve three op­ti­ons to check if their vehi­cle is af­fected:

Ma­z­da web­si­te -­z­­call and en­ter the u­ni­que VIN num­ber

Ma­z­da SA Cu­s­to­mer Ca­re Cen­t­re - 0860 983 000 / re­call@ma­z­

or vi­sit the ne­a­rest Ma­z­da de­a­lers­hip.

The Ta­ka­ta ai­r­bag re­call is a mas­si­ve re­call af­fecting se­ver­al ma­nu­fac­tu­rers and mil­li­ons of vehi­cles glo­bal­ly. Ma­z­da is not the on­ly brand af­fected. The ai­r­bag flaw is the re­sult of in­ap­pro­pri­a­te pro­ducti­on con­di­ti­ons and stora­ge of the pro­pel­lant in the in­fla­tor. The den­si­ty of the pro­pel­lant may be in­suf­fi­cient which mig­ht cau­se the pro­pel­lant to ig­ni­te ab­nor­mal­ly at the ti­me of ai­r­bag de­ploy­ment. It could re­sult in ex­tre­me­ly high in­ner pres­su­re of the in­fla­tor cau­sing a rup­tu­re of the in­fla­tor ca­se. In a ca­se of a rup­tu­re, the ai­r­bag mig­ht not de­ploy as de­sig­ned and may e­ven le­ad to in­ju­ry.

Ma­z­da re­ports that it has not had an in­ci­dent in South A­fri­ca and is con­ducting the re­call as a pre­cau­ti­o­na­ry me­a­su­re.

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