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Mo­dern vehi­cles con­tain ma­ny self-checking de­vi­ces and it is of­ten no lon­ger ne­ces­sa­ry to check that one’s lig­hts and in­di­ca­tors are wor­king pro­per­ly. The car does it au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly.

Ho­we­ver, w­hen you dri­ve a vehi­cle that is un­fa­mi­li­ar to you, such as a hi­red car, it is wi­se to do a tho­rough check of the lig­hts be­fo­re dri­ving off – the vehi­cle may not ha­ve a self check sy­stem, or pre­vi­ous war­nings may ha­ve been re­set wit­hout the pro­blem being at­ten­ded to.

Bra­ke lig­hts and in­di­ca­tors in par­ti­cu­lar are im­por­tant com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on de­vi­ces and their pro­per o­pe­ra­ti­on is cri­ti­cal to con­ti­nu­ed sa­fe­ty w­hen dri­ving.

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