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At the 33rd run­ning of the e­vent, Ger­man ma­nu­fac­tu­rer Porsche took the top ho­nours as its Pa­na­me­ra was cro­w­ned the 2018 WesBank South A­fri­can Car of the Ye­ar (Coty) at a cock­tail din­ner in Mid­rand hos­ted by WesBank, the com­pe­ti­ti­on’s he­ad­li­ne spon­sor.

Fa­cing in­cre­a­singly tough com­pe­ti­ti­on in this ye­ar’s 10-ve­hi­cle strong li­neup - vehi­cles that all re­pre­sent the be­st of the be­st from a cross-secti­on of seg­ments and pri­ce points the Porsche Pa­na­me­ra is a worthy con­te­stant that ul­ti­ma­te­ly re­pre­sents mo­to­ring ex­cel­len­ce, and a worthy win­ner of South A­fri­ca’s most pres­ti­gi­ous mo­to­ring pri­ze.

The South A­fri­can Guild of Mo­to­ring Jour­na­lis­ts (SAGMJ) re­cog­ni­sed the Vol­vo S90 as first run­ner-up, as well as the Al­fa Ro­meo Gi­u­lia as se­cond run­ner-up in this ye­ar’s com­pe­ti­ti­on. Be­a­ten by a nar­row yet de­ci­si­ve mar­gin, both the Vol­vo S90 and the Al­fa Ro­meo Gi­u­lia are ex­em­pla­ry fi­na­lis­ts in their own rig­ht.

The SAGMJ has run the WesBank South A­fri­can Car Of The Ye­ar com­pe­ti­ti­on sin­ce 1986, with WesBank - one of South A­fri­ca’s lar­ge­st ve­hi­cle fi­nan­ce in­sti­tu­ti­ons - as its he­ad­li­ne spon­sor sin­ce in­cep­ti­on.

“We’re proud of our long-stan­ding part­ners­hip with the SA Guild of Mo­to­ring Jour­na­lis­ts, who de­li­ver the SA Car of the Ye­ar,” said Chris de Kock, WesBank CEO. “It is an in­du­stry a­ward that has be­co­me the ba­ro­me­ter for ex­cel­len­ce, by re­cog­ni­sing cars that set new ben­ch­marks in their seg­ments as well as the mo­to­ring wor­ld. Each of the fi­na­lis­ts in the 2018 WesBank South A­fri­can Car of the Ye­ar com­pe­ti­ti­on re­pre­sent that ex­cel­len­ce and the guild had an u­nen­vi­a­ble job in choo­sing a sin­gle worthy win­ner.”

Ma­po In­ter­na­ti­o­nal is the of­fi­ci­al di­gi­tal sco­ring sy­stem de­ve­lo­per and spon­sor to the com­pe­ti­ti­on. The South A­fri­can com­pe­ti­ti­on bo­as­ts a wor­ld-first pur­po­se-de­sig­ned di­gi­tal sco­ring sy­stem, bre­a­king new ground for ve­hi­cle e­va­lu­a­ti­on and as­ses­sment. Alt­hough the sco­ring me­cha­nism may ha­ve e­vol­ved, the SAGMJ con­ti­nues to ad­he­re to Coty’s most u­ni­que fe­a­tu­re in that each of the fi­na­lis­ts was put through a strin­gent tes­ting pro­ce­du­re by the peer e­lected ju­ry mem­bers at the Ky­a­la­mi Ra­ce Track in Mid­rand.

He­re, the win­ning ve­hi­cle is e­va­lu­a­ted and sco­red in re­la­ti­on to its segment com­pe­ti­tors, with each ve­hi­cle’s fi­nal sco­re de­ter­mi­ned by ex­te­ri­or de­sign and sty­ling, in­te­ri­or use of ma­te­ri­als, in­te­ri­or la­yout, techno­lo­gy, en­gi­ne per­for­man­ce, ge­ar­box and trans­mis­si­on, en­gi­neer­ing in­te­gri­ty and build qua­li­ty, ri­de qua­li­ty and re­fi­ne­ment, s­teer­ing and hand­ling, af­for­da­bi­li­ty, va­lue for mo­ney and o­ver­all ex­cel­len­ce.

P­ho­tos: SAGMJ

From left: Ber­nard Hel­l­berg (SAGMJ chair­man), Chris de Kock (WesBank CEO) and To­by Ven­ter (Porsche SA CEO).

De­rek Watts (left) and To­by Ven­ter of Porsche en­joy the cro­w­ning of the Porsche Pa­na­me­ra as the 2018 car of the ye­ar.

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