How of­ten should you re­pla­ce your car's bre­ak fluid?

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How of­ten should bra­ke fluid be re­pla­ced? De­wald Ranft, chair­man of the Mo­tor In­du­stry Works­hop As­so­ci­a­ti­on (Mi­wa), an as­so­ci­a­te bo­dy of the Re­tail Mo­tor In­du­stry (RMI), says this is a com­mon que­s­ti­on cu­s­to­mers ask their South A­fri­ca’s new ve­hi­cle in­du­stry is fo­re­cast to grow just un­der one per cent in 2018, ac­cor­ding to WesBank, the coun­try’s leading ve­hi­cle fi­nan­ce pro­vi­der. WesBank CEO works­hop me­cha­ni­cs.

The bra­king sy­stem of the ve­hi­cle re­mains one of the most o­ver­look­ed sy­s­tems in the ve­hi­cle and can be one of the most cri­ti­cal too. Ranft ex­plains that bra­ke fluid is es­sen­ti­al for a Chris de Kock de­li­ver­ed the bank’s view of the mar­ket and new ve­hi­cle sa­les fo­re­cast at the 2018 SAGMJ Car of the Ye­ar a­wards ce­re­mo­ny in Mid­rand last week.

“Whi­le the re­cent po­si­ti­ve sen­ti­ments a­bout South A­fri­ca’s e­co­nomy will im­pact the au­to­mo­ti­ve in­du­stry, this will ta­ke ti­me to ge­ne­ra­te ma­te­ri­al gro­wth. Ho­we­ver, new ve­hi­cle sa­les are ex­pected to see mo­de­ra­te gro­wth this ye­ar,” said De Kock. “The e­co­no­mic chal­len­ges fa­ced in SA are struc­tu­ral in na­tu­re, and will ta­ke an ex­ten­ded pe­ri­od of ti­me to cor­rect. The po­si­ti­ve sen­ti­ment broug­ht a­bout by the re­cent po­li­ti­cal chan­ges is a good pla­ce to start and we are con­fi­dent that this will le­ad to gre­a­ter e­co­no­mic in­ves­t­ment and im­pro­ved gro­wth pro­spects for the coun­try.” De­a­ler sa­les ac­count for 80% of to­tal sa­les in South A­fri­ca and are a key in­di­ca­tor of car’s bra­kes to work pro­per­ly.

O­ver ti­me, bra­ke fluid can ab­sorb moi­stu­re from the at­mos­p­he­re, which re­du­ces its boi­ling point and the­re­fo­re its ef­fecti­ve­ness. This moi­stu­re ab­sorp­ti­on al­so com­pro­mi­ses the in­te­gri­ty of the bra­ke sy­stem com­po­nents such as the rub­ber se­als and the An­ti-lock Bra­king the to­tal mar­ket out­look. WesBank ex­pects a mo­dest in­cre­a­se of 3% in the de­a­ler segment, dri­ven main­ly by pas­sen­ger cars sa­les. This gro­wth will be in­flu­en­ced not on­ly by the im­pro­ved sen­ti­ment, but al­so a re­ducti­on in in­te­rest ra­tes and a stron­ger rand that im­pacts po­si­ti­ve­ly on ve­hi­cle pri­ce in­fla­ti­on.

The ren­tal mar­ket, which ac­counts for 13% of to­tal sa­les, saw u­nu­su­al­ly high gro­wth in 2017. De Kock fo­re­cast that this will be tough to ma­tch du­ring the co­ming ye­ar. Ad­di­ti­o­nal­ly, the on­going droug­ht in the We­stern Ca­pe con­ti­nues to ta­ke a toll on the ren­tal mar­ket’s gro­wth pro­spects. The We­stern Ca­pe pro­vin­ce ac­counts for 40% of the South A­fri­can tou­rism ren­tal mar­ket.

In the­se chal­len­ging con­di­ti­ons, WesBank an­ti­ci­pa­tes a 14,9% de­cli­ne in ren­tal sa­les this ye­ar.

'The e­co­no­mic chal­len­ges fa­ced in SA are struc­tu­ral in na­tu­re, and will ta­ke an ex­ten­ded pe­ri­od of ti­me to cor­rect.'

Sy­stem (ABS).

“Bra­ke fluid is a vi­tal part of the bra­ke sy­stem so cu­s­to­mers are rig­ht to be con­cer­ned a­bout pro­per main­te­nan­ce,” he says.

Most bra­ke fluid ma­nu­fac­tu­rers re­com­mend chan­ging bra­ke fluid e­very 18 mont­hs or 60 000km.

Chris de Kock

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