SA pe­op­le can’t li­ve wit­hout their cars

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A na­ti­o­nal client sur­vey by San­tam, South A­fri­ca’s lar­ge­st ge­ne­ral in­su­rer, has re­vea­led in­te­res­ting and sur­pri­sing at­ti­tu­des of dri­vers to­wards their vehi­cles, in­clu­ding e­mo­ti­o­nal at­ta­chment and fee­lings of despon­den­cy if dis­pos­ses­sed of their much-lo­ved cars.

Ac­cor­ding to the sur­vey, al­most two-thi­rds of re­spon­dents con­si­der them­sel­ves to be “very or ex­tre­me­ly at­ta­ched” to their ve­hi­cle, and four in ten dri­vers ha­ve gi­ven their ve­hi­cle a na­me, me­a­ning they ha­ve a very per­so­nal and so­mew­hat e­mo­ti­o­nal re­la­ti­ons­hip with their cars.

The sur­vey was sent to a sam­ple of mo­re than 1 900 South A­fri­can car o­w­ners with in­su­ran­ce po­li­cies. A­sked how they would co­pe if their car was writ­ten off or sto­len, 40% of re­spon­dents in­di­ca­ted that they we­re in a po­si­ti­on to pur­cha­se a­not­her ve­hi­cle, w­he­re­as 37% would not be a­ble to go a­bout their nor­mal dai­ly li­ves.

Mo­ka­e­di Di­lot­sot­l­he, San­tam’s chief mar­ke­ting of­fi­cer, said the na­ti­o­nal sur­vey was com­mis­si­o­ned as a me­ans to bet­ter un­der­stand dri­ver be­ha­vi­ours. This al­lows the com­pa­ny to of­fer a va­ri­e­ty of ap­pro­pri­a­te in­su­ran­ce pro­ducts that ca­ter to the most pres­sing needs of clients.

“South A­fri­cans ha­ve a lo­ve af­fair with their cars and bre­a­king this con­necti­on has ra­mi­fi­ca­ti­ons for car o­w­ners, e­mo­ti­o­nal­ly and fi­nan­ci­al­ly. W­he­re the car-o­w­ner re­la­ti­ons­hip be­co­mes most ap­pa­rent is w­hen a ve­hi­cle is lost fo­re­ver,” said Di­lot­sot­l­he. “We ha­ve re­spon­ded to this by in­tro­du­cing a car in­su­ran­ce pro­duct that re­mo­ves any un­cer­tain­ty a­round w­hat clients can ex­pect as com­pen­sa­ti­on du­ring a to­tal ve­hi­cle loss.”

Di­lot­sot­l­he furt­her ad­ded that this will ul­ti­ma­te­ly im­pro­ve clients’ ex­pe­rien­ce as it gua­ran­tees that w­hen a ve­hi­cle has been dee­med u­ne­co­no­mi­cal to re­pair, or if it is sto­len, the client will be cer­tain w­hat their com­pen­sa­ti­on will be. This will en­s­u­re the con­ti­nu­a­ti­on of the re­la­ti­ons­hip be­t­ween o­w­ners and their vehi­cles.

“This e­na­bles us to de­mon­stra­te our brand pro­mi­se and claims phi­losop­hy in­su­ran­ce good and pro­per - e­li­mi­na­ting un­cer­tain­ty fol­lo­wing a trau­ma­tic in­ci­dent li­ke a theft or wri­te-off,” he said.

W­hen a­sked in the sur­vey w­het­her they knew the cur­rent mo­ne­ta­ry va­lue of their ve­hi­cle, ne­ar­ly half (45%) did not know this a­mount, e­ven though the ma­jo­ri­ty (58%) of the par­ti­ci­pants had re­ad their in­su­ran­ce po­li­cy in the last six mont­hs. An im­pres­si­ve 81% of re­spon­dents we­re a­wa­re of w­hat their in­su­ran­ce co­vers.

Ho­we­ver, w­hen it ca­me to the sett­le­ment car o­w­ners would be wil­ling to re­cei­ve if their ve­hi­cle was sto­len, ne­ar­ly half (48%) ex­pected the full a­mount for which the ve­hi­cle was in­su­red. Ot­her sett­le­ment a­mounts that dri­vers would be wil­ling to re­cei­ve we­re “the mar­ket va­lue the car was in­su­red for (29%) and “a si­mi­lar ‘re­pla­ce­ment ve­hi­cle’ “(23%). Ne­ar­ly half of car o­w­ners (44%) do not let a­nyo­ne el­se dri­ve their vehi­cles. T­ho­se who do, ge­ne­ral­ly al­low a spou­se or part­ner to dri­ve their ve­hi­cle (48%).

A ma­jo­ri­ty (68%) of re­spon­dents con­si­de­red their ve­hi­cle to be an as­set, pla­cing a high de­gree of va­lue upon it, with 45% being the so­le dri­ver. A­mong t­ho­se sur­vey­ed, 39% in­di­ca­ted they own their car out­rig­ht. Of t­ho­se paying off a ve­hi­cle, the a­vera­ge monthly pay­ment was be­t­ween R3 000 and R5 000.

'Four in ten dri­vers ha­ve gi­ven their ve­hi­cle a na­me, me­a­ning they ha­ve a very per­so­nal and so­mew­hat e­mo­ti­o­nal re­la­ti­ons­hip with their cars.'


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