Nis­san un­veils For­mu­la E con­cept li­very

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Nis­san has ta­ken the next steps to­ward its de­but in the all-e­lec­tric ABB FIA For­mu­la E C­ham­pi­ons­hip by re­vea­ling its con­cept li­very at the Ge­ne­va Mo­tor S­how.

At last ye­ar’s Tokyo Mo­tor S­how, Nis­san an­noun­ced it would de­but in For­mu­la E from se­a­son fi­ve, which is ex­pected to be­gin in De­cem­ber.

In the la­test an­noun­ce­ment, Nis­san un­vei­led its co­lor sche­me for the se­a­son fi­ve For­mu­la E car. It fe­a­tu­res stri­king new a­e­ro­dy­n­a­mi­cs and an en­ti­re­ly new bat­te­ry and po­wer­train packa­ge.

The li­very for Nis­san’s For­mu­la E pro­gram­me was de­sig­ned by Nis­san’s glo­bal de­sign te­am in Ja­pan.

“At first glan­ce the se­a­son fi­ve For­mu­la E car see­med to our de­sign te­am li­ke an EV-po­we­red su­per­so­nic bi­rd in flig­ht,” said Al­fon­so Al­bai­sa, se­ni­or vi­ce pre­si­dent of glo­bal de­sign at Nis­san Mo­tor Com­pa­ny. “This i­ni­ti­al re­acti­on from the te­am star­ted us on a path that cap­tu­red a form that bre­aks free of re­sis­tan­ce and gra­vi­ty. For­mu­la E ra­cers are vir­tu­al­ly si­lent, with ex­plo­si­ve speed bur­sts. So na­tu­ral­ly we tur­ned to Dop­pler w­hen de­sig­ning the li­very: the com­bi­na­ti­on of the so­nic pul­se of the Dop­pler ef­fect and the re­le­a­sed po­wer of a so­nic boom in­spi­red our ce­le­bra­ti­on of EV Ra­cing.”

The new packa­ge pro­vi­des mo­re po­wer and ran­ge and e­li­mi­na­tes the need for the mid-ra­ce car swap which has been u­sed in the first four se­a­sons of the c­ham­pi­ons­hip.

Jo­se Mu­noz, chief per­for­man­ce of­fi­cer of Nis­san, said, “Nis­san is proud to be an in­no­va­tor in e­lec­tric vehi­cles on the ro­ad with the Nis­san Le­af com­ple­ting mo­re than four bil­li­on ze­ro-e­mis­si­on ki­lo­me­tres a­round the wor­ld. Now, we want to bring that EV ex­per­ti­se to mo­tor­sport.”

Nis­san In­tel­li­gent Mo­bi­li­ty is the com­pa­ny’s stra­tegy to re­de­fi­ne how its vehi­cles are dri­ven, po­we­red and in­te­gra­ted in­to so­cie­ty.

Whi­le the new Nis­san For­mu­la E car li­very was re­vea­led, work on de­ve­lo­ping the all-new techni­cal packa­ge has been un­der­way for ma­ny mont­hs.

Nis­san is wor­king with its part­ner Re­nault to le­vera­ge ex­per­ti­se and de­ve­lop­ment al­re­a­dy a­vai­la­ble, in keeping with the Re­nault-Nis­sanMit­subis­hi au­to­mo­ti­ve part­ners­hip’s fo­cus on col­la­bo­ra­ti­on and max­i­mi­zing sy­ner­gies to boost com­pe­ti­ti­ve­ness.

Ad­di­ti­o­nal de­tails, in­clu­ding struc­tu­re and dri­vers, will be an­noun­ced la­ter.

“Nis­san is brin­ging a lot to the ta­ble with our ex­per­ti­se in EV techno­lo­gy for the ro­ad and brin­ging it to the ra­ce track,” said Nis­san glo­bal mo­tor­sport di­rec­tor, Mi­cha­el Car­ca­mo. “The le­vel of com­pe­ti­ti­on in the For­mu­la E c­ham­pi­ons­hip is ri­sing and we’re e­a­ger­ly a­wai­ting the u­ni­que en­gi­neer­ing chal­len­ge a­he­ad. We’re en­te­ring the c­ham­pi­ons­hip on a le­vel playing field, with e­very ma­nu­fac­tu­rer com­pe­ting with a brand-new car, bat­te­ry and po­wer­train com­bi­na­ti­on from se­a­son fi­ve.”

The new car that will de­but in se­a­son fi­ve is sche­du­led to ra­ce in the For­mu­la E c­ham­pi­ons­hip for the next three se­a­sons.

Se­a­son fi­ve of the ABB FIA For­mu­la E se­ries is ex­pected to be­gin in De­cem­ber and vi­sit ma­jor ci­ties a­round the wor­ld in­clu­ding New York, Pa­ris, Ber­lin, Ro­me, Zu­rich and Hong Kong. Nis­san will be the first Ja­pa­ne­se com­pa­ny to par­ti­ci­pa­te.

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