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The Nis­san X-Trail is just the tic­ket for the s­chool ho­li­days. With dri­ving as­sis­tan­ce from sa­fe­ty to ex­plo­ring the ro­ad less tra­vel­led, it is as keen to get out the­re as the fa­mi­ly will be.

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Nis­san aims to keep up with the e­vol­ving de­mands of to­day’s fa­mi­ly and ac­cor­dingly says the new X-Trail is a per­fect fit for dif­fe­rent ad­ven­tu­res and needs.

The ma­nu­fac­tu­rer’s new X-Trail is part of the mis­si­on to de­ve­lo­ping cros­so­ver vehi­cles with qua­li­ties that gi­ve e­ver­yo­ne the spa­ce to bro­a­den ho­ri­zons with the pe­a­ce of mind that co­mes with kno­wing the­re is an ar­ray of in­no­va­ti­ve Nis­san In­tel­li­gent Mo­bi­li­ty (NIM) fe­a­tu­res to keep you and the fa­mi­ly sa­fe.

The X-Trail is al­so “pa­w­fect” for fur­ry fa­mi­ly mem­bers as Nis­san has a ran­ge of acces­so­ries for pets, which in­clu­des a ramp for e­a­sy access to the re­ar of the ve­hi­cle.

The ar­ti­cu­la­ted front se­at gi­ves sup­port from the pel­vis to the chest, op­ti­mi­sing b­lood flow and the se­at cus­hi­ons pro­vi­de im­pro­ved pres­su­re dis­tri­bu­ti­on. The re­sult is ex­cep­ti­o­nal com­fort and less fa­ti­gue on long-dis­tan­ce ro­ad trips.

All in all, the X-Trail’s in­te­ri­or is a pre­mi­um spa­ce w­he­re the Nis­san Con­nect cen­t­re con­so­le has an up­gra­ded in­ter­fa­ce. A new gloss black trim is fi­nis­hed with me­tal­lic accents, the spor­ty D-shaped s­teer­ing w­heel is en­ca­sed in le­at­her and the­re is an op­ti­o­nal pa­no­ra­mic sun­roof.

On the out­si­de, the X-Trail’s dy­n­a­mic sty­ling is e­qual­ly ready for ad­ven­tu­re. The­re are beau­ti­ful new 17” or 18” al­loys to choo­se from to­get­her with new ex­te­ri­or co­lours. At the front the in­te­gra­ted fog lamps fe­a­tu­re pro­mi­nent­ly, whi­le the re­ar has LED boom­e­rang tail­lig­hts and the re­ar bum­per has been har­mo­ni­sed with the new ve­hi­cle.


The new Nis­san X-Trail doe­sn’t com­pro­mi­se. It has cut­ting ed­ge techno­lo­gy, mo­dern de­sign, su­perb sa­fe­ty, ex­cel­lent 4x4 ca­pa­bi­li­ties, pre­mi­um fe­a­tu­res and spa­ce for e­ver­yo­ne plus the Jack Rus­sell.

T­hanks to the X-Trail’s flex­i­ble se­a­ting sy­stem, the se­cond row is plush and roomy. The 60/40 split se­at s­li­des for­ward for e­a­sy access to the thi­rd row and ad­justs to pro­vi­de mo­re car­go spa­ce and le­g­room. The se­ats al­so re­cli­ne. The thi­rd row pro­vi­des ad­di­ti­o­nal ver­sa­ti­li­ty and folds do­wn com­ple­te­ly to ma­ke a flat car­go floor.

Nis­san-ap­pro­ved acces­so­ries e­na­ble the fa­mi­ly to pack all the es­sen­ti­al ge­ar for a me­mo­ra­ble ge­ta­way. T­he­se acces­so­ries in­clu­de we­at­her shields, a tow bar, hard we­a­ring rub­ber floor mats, a bon­net pro­tec­tor, he­ad­lamp pro­tec­tors and boot stora­ge bags.

As an ac­com­plis­hed cros­so­ver, the X-Trail has in­tui­ti­ve 4x4 dri­ve ca­pa­bi­li­ties which ma­ke it re­spon­si­ve and a­dap­ta­ble.


Kee­ping the fa­mi­ly sa­fe is Nis­san’s pri­o­ri­ty and the­re is a ran­ge of Nis­san In­tel­li­gent Mo­bi­li­ty fe­a­tu­res for t­his. The fe­a­tu­res in­clu­de in­tel­li­gent blind spot in­ter­ven­ti­on that alerts the dri­ver to the pre­sen­ce of vehi­cles in blind spots di­a­go­nal­ly be­hind the car. In­tel­li­gent la­ne in­ter­ven­ti­on alerts the dri­ver w­hen it de­tects that the X-Trail is straying from its la­ne, whi­le in­tel­li­gent cross traf­fic a­lert is acti­va­ted w­hen backing out of a par­king spa­ce. T­his fe­a­tu­re can de­tect and warn the dri­ver of vehi­cles that are ap­pro­a­ching and cros­sing be­hind the X-Trail. In­tel­li­gent e­mer­gen­cy bra­king u­ses ra­dar techno­lo­gy to keep an eye on speed and prox­i­mi­ty to the ve­hi­cle in front and will a­lert the dri­ver be­fo­re eng­a­ging the bra­kes.

A­not­her sa­fe­ty fe­a­tu­re is in­tel­li­gent for­ward col­li­si­on war­ning, which helps a­lert dri­vers of the pos­si­bi­li­ty of an im­pen­ding col­li­si­on with a slo­wer mo­ving or sta­ti­o­na­ry car.

In­tel­li­gent au­to he­ad­lig­hts au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly chan­ge be­t­ween high and low be­ams w­hen it de­tects on­co­ming vehi­cles at nig­ht and the in­tel­li­gent a­round view mo­ni­tor de­tects mo­ving ob­jects as a sup­port techno­lo­gy that alerts dri­vers through gi­ving a bet­ter un­der­stan­ding of the ve­hi­cle’s sur­roun­dings.


The new Nis­san X-Trail co­mes with Nis­san’s class-le­a­ding, six y­e­ar or 150 000km war­ran­ty, a three y­e­ar or 90 000km ser­vi­ce plan and 24-hour ro­ad­s­i­de as­sis­tan­ce. P­ri­ces ran­ge from R371 500 for the 2,0 Vi­sia to R479 900 for the 2,5 Te­kna CVT 4WD se­ven-se­a­ter.

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