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The­re’s no­thing qui­te as in­tox­i­ca­ting as buying a new car. Get­ting a waft of that new car smell w­hen you o­pen the door for the first ti­me is exhi­la­ra­ting. But how can you be con­fi­dent, w­hen you dri­ve off that de­a­lers­hip floor, that you got the be­st de­al?

C­harl Gro­bler, ma­na­ger of mar­ke­ting and pro­duct plan­ning at Su­zu­ki South A­fri­ca, has four y­e­ars ex­pe­rien­ce wor­king as a de­a­ler and twel­ve y­e­ars in the in­du­stry. He gi­ves poin­ters a­bout the con­ver­sa­ti­on you should ha­ve with a de­a­ler a­bout be­fo­re sig­ning tho­se pa­pers.


How long has t­his car been in your stock?

If the car has been on the de­a­ler floor for lon­ger than two mont­hs, you’ve got room to ne­go­ti­a­te pri­ce. The de­a­lers get char­ged in­te­rest on cars on the floor for lon­ger than that.

Can I get a bre­ak­do­wn of the ‘on the ro­ad’ ser­vi­ce fees?

“T­he­se are e­a­si­ly pad­ded - see w­hat you’re re­al­ly paying for,” says C­harl.

W­hat’s the sett­le­ment on my tra­de-in car going to be?

C­harl ex­plains, “It’s good to know up front w­he­re you stand fi­nan­ci­al­ly. Is t­his de­al e­ven pos­si­ble from your si­de?”

Does my car ha­ve gen­ui­ne car­pets?

“Be­lie­ve me, you’ll want them. They’ll be bran­ded, and they’re much hig­her qua­li­ty,” says C­harl. “They’re less li­ke­ly to get caug­ht in the pe­dals and are mo­re ex­pen­si­ve - for a re­a­son.”

W­hat acces­so­ry op­ti­ons do I ha­ve?

It’s e­a­sy to up­gra­de and get a roof rack, car se­ats or blu­e­tooth! You just need to ask w­hat op­ti­ons are a­vai­la­ble for your mo­del.

W­hat are the fi­nan­ce va­lue-ad­ded pro­ducts?

Ask in-depth qu­e­s­ti­ons a­bout the be­ne­fit of fe­a­tu­res li­ke ex­ten­ded war­ran­ties, top-up in­su­ran­ce, paint pro­tecti­on, and the a­vai­la­bi­li­ty of fe­a­tu­res li­ke smash & grab win­dows.


Can I meet the he­ad of the ser­vi­ce de­part­ment?

“S­tart t­his three-y­e­ar re­la­ti­ons­hip off on a good no­te by ta­king in­te­rest,” says C­harl.

Who should I pho­ne af­ter hours if my car bre­aks do­wn?

For ex­am­ple, Su­zu­ki Au­to Res­cue u­ses the Au­to­mo­bi­le As­so­ci­a­ti­on (AA), so you’d be bet­ter off cal­ling the AA rig­ht off the bat.

Does the car ha­ve any hid­den fe­a­tu­res?

You’d be sur­pri­sed at so­me of the cool t­hings your car can do!

W­hat are the jacking points of my car?

Each car has dif­fe­rent jacking points to lift the car up if the­re’s a flat ty­re.

W­he­re is my jack?

It’s a good i­dea to know w­he­re all t­he­se es­sen­ti­als are be­fo­re you dri­ve off.

Can I ma­ke an ap­point­ment to go through the car with you?

“W­hen you ta­ke de­li­very, spend ti­me at your de­a­lers­hip,” re­com­mends C­harl. “Set up an hour ap­point­ment with your de­a­ler to go through the car tho­roughly.” The sa­les­man wants to ex­plain all the car’s fe­a­tu­res - and most cars ha­ve hid­den sur­pri­ses and cool tricks - but pe­op­le rush t­his part of the pro­cess.

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