Don't let a child get he­atstro­ke

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He­atstro­ke is one of the le­a­ding cau­ses of non­crash-re­la­ted fa­ta­li­ties a­mong c­hild­ren, ac­cor­ding to fi­gu­res re­le­a­sed for 2017 by the the A­me­ri­can Na­ti­o­nal Highway Traf­fic Sa­fe­ty Ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on (NHTSA).

Ve­hi­cle he­atstro­ke occurs w­hen a child is left in a hot ve­hi­cle, cau­sing the child’s tem­pe­ra­tu­re to ri­se quick­ly and fa­tal­ly.

He­atstro­ke be­gins w­hen the co­re bo­dy tem­pe­ra­tu­re re­a­ches a­bout 40°C and the ther­mo re­gu­la­to­ry sy­stem is o­ver­w­hel­med. A co­re tem­pe­ra­tu­re of a­bout 41,6° is let­hal.

W­het­her you’re a pa­rent, ca­re­gi­ver or by­stan­der of a child left in a car, it’s vi­tal­ly im­por­tant to un­der­stand c­hild­ren are mo­re vul­ne­ra­ble to he­atstro­ke than a­dults.


Look be­fo­re you lock. Ma­ke it a ha­bit to look be­fo­re you lock;

Ta­ke acti­on if you notice a child al­o­ne in a car! Pro­tecting c­hild­ren is e­ver­yo­ne’s bu­si­ness;

Don’t wait mo­re than a few mi­nu­tes for the dri­ver to re­turn;

If the child is not re­spon­si­ve or is in dis­tress, im­me­di­a­te­ly call e­mer­gen­cy ser­vi­ce for help; If you can, get the child out of the car; S­pray the child with cool wa­ter (not icy wa­ter or an ice bath);

If the child is re­spon­si­ve, stay with the child until help ar­ri­ves; Ha­ve so­meo­ne el­se se­arch for the dri­ver or ask the fa­ci­li­ty to pa­ge them.

War­ning signs

Red, hot and moist or dry skin;

No swe­a­ting;

S­trong, ra­pid pul­se or slow, we­ak pul­se; Nau­sea;

Con­fu­si­on or stran­ge be­ha­vi­our.

It is ne­ver o­kay to le­a­ve a child al­o­ne in or a­round a car. E­ven in cool­er tem­pe­ra­tu­res, a ve­hi­cle can he­at up to dan­ge­rous tem­pe­ra­tu­res very quick­ly, within the first 10 mi­nu­tes.

He­atstro­ke does not on­ly occur du­ring sum­mer­ti­me. T­his de­ad­ly con­di­ti­on can be con­trac­ted at any ti­me of y­e­ar.

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