Aston Mar­tin ties up with wa­tch ma­ker

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S­wiss luxu­ry wa­tch brand TAG Heu­er is the la­test na­me in the wor­ld of wa­t­ches to te­am up with a high-end car ma­nu­fac­tu­rer, fol­lo­wing the li­kes of I­ta­li­an su­per­car Lam­bor­g­hi­ni and M­cLa­ren.

TAG Heu­er has for­mal­ly an­noun­ced its part­ners­hip with Aston Mar­tin at the re­cent 2018 Ge­ne­va Mo­tor S­how, with the con­fir­ma­ti­on of two spe­ci­al e­di­ti­on wa­t­ches: the TAG Heu­er Car­re­ra Ca­li­b­re Heu­er 01 chro­no­graph and the TAG Heu­er For­mu­la 1 chro­no­graph.

Aston Mar­tin’s de­sign te­am wor­ked with the S­wiss wa­t­ch­ma­ker to de­ve­lop the first of the spe­ci­al e­di­ti­on wa­t­ches. Both ti­me­pie­ces are in­spi­red by the co­lours, shapes, pat­terns and ma­te­ri­als cha­rac­te­ris­tic of Aston Mar­tin sports cars.

The TAG Heu­er Car­re­ra Ca­li­b­re Heu­er 01 has a ske­le­ton di­al in a hex­a­go­nal pat­tern re­vea­ling its fa­mous mo­vement. In­spi­red by Aston’s sports cars, the 45mm so­lid steel ca­se fe­a­tu­res a de­sign with li­nes on the si­de that e­vo­ke speed, the ra­ce track and pis­tons.

The TAG Heu­er For­mu­la 1 chro­no­graph, on the ot­her hand, draws in­spi­ra­ti­on from Aston Mar­tin Ra­cing. It fe­a­tu­res a not­ched steel be­zel and an a­lu­mi­ni­um ring with a ta­cho­me­ter sca­le. The ca­se is ma­de en­ti­re­ly out of steel and me­a­su­res 43mm. The in­dexes, se­conds hand and car ma­ker’s fa­mous win­ged lo­go are all in Aston Mar­tin Ra­cing’s shade of li­me.

TAG Heu­er has been a spon­sor of the Red Bull F1 ra­cing te­am which works clo­se­ly with the B­ri­tish mar­que. The part­ners­hip will now see TAG Heu­er be­co­me the of­fi­ci­al wa­tch part­ner of Aston Mar­tin and Aston Mar­tin Ra­cing.

Both the wa­t­ches will be of­fi­ci­al­ly laun­ched at the u­p­co­ming in­ter­na­ti­o­nal wa­tch s­how Ba­selWor­ld 2018, w­he­re pri­cing and a­vai­la­bi­li­ty will be an­noun­ced.

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