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W­hen last did you check your car’s w­heel nuts (or bolts)? They are the kind of i­tem most pe­op­le ne­ver check, but e­ven a s­lig­ht­ly loo­se w­heel can de­gra­de a ve­hi­cle’s hand­ling and cau­se da­ma­ge to w­heel studs, re­sulting in the w­heel e­ven­tu­al­ly co­ming off.

Check and tig­h­ten your w­heel nuts e­very cou­ple of mont­hs, pre­fe­ra­bly u­sing a tor­que wrench to a­void ex­ces­si­ve tig­h­te­ning. O­ver­tig­h­te­ned w­heel nuts can stretch and bre­ak the studs they are fit­ted to.

W­hen ta­king a car to a fit­ment cen­t­re, keep a sharp eye on fit­ment cen­t­re s­taff to en­s­u­re they don’t use air-po­wer im­pact wren­ches to tig­h­ten w­heel nuts. Fi­nal­ly, tig­h­ten the nuts in a cross se­quen­ce, not in a ci­r­cu­lar se­quen­ce. T­his helps spre­ad the tig­h­te­ning for­ces mo­re e­ven­ly a­cross the w­heel. Tip cour­te­sy of B­rid­ges­to­ne

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