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The se­venth Knys­na Mo­tor S­how, spon­so­red by San­lam Pri­va­te We­alth, will host so­me of the most col­lec­ta­ble cars on the A­fri­can con­ti­nent on Sun­day 29 A­pril at the Knys­na High S­chool sports grounds on Wa­ter­front Dri­ve, Knys­na.

Cars ran­ging from a 1908 Ford Mo­del S to mo­dern su­per­cars by Fer­ra­ri, Porsche and Lam­bor­g­hi­ni will gra­ce t­his e­vent. A­me­ri­can 1950s “fins ‘n flash land y­achts”, a­do­ra­ble mi­cro cars and clas­sic mo­tor­cy­cles will vie for at­ten­ti­on a­mongst clas­sic ra­cing cars and hu­ge mo­to­ri­sed cha­ri­ots from the vin­ta­ge and ve­te­ran era.

The Knys­na Mo­tor S­how is a one-day on­ly e­vent, held at the Knys­na High S­chool sports grounds, with e­le­gant food and drink stalls pro­vi­ding re­freshments in kee­ping with the gla­mour of t­his top-qua­li­ty clas­sic car e­vent. Ne­vert­he­less, the s­how is fa­mi­ly o­rien­ta­ted, with a re­laxed at­mos­p­he­re. The­re is a beer gar­den and a food court to ca­ter to all cu­li­na­ry tas­tes.


Per­fect­ly pre­ser­ved veterans from the 1920s and 1930s will in­clu­de a 1936 Cord We­st­ches­ter 810 (the so-cal­led cof­fin-no­sed Cord), a 1928 Bent­ley 3-lit­re, a se­lecti­on of Mo­del T Fords, a 1923 Rolls-Roy­ce 20 HP Doc­tor’s Cou­pé and, from an e­ven e­ar­lier era a 1913 Ca­dil­lac P­ha­e­ton, to stand al­ongs­i­de the Ford Mo­del S, which is 110 y­e­ars old t­his y­e­ar.

Two fan­tas­tic o­pen-top­ped cars from t­his pre-

A la­te-se­ries e­di­ti­on of the Lam­bor­g­hi­ni Coun­tach.

The o­ri­gi­nal and ul­tra-scar­ce Ma­z­da Cos­mo with ro­ta­ry en­gi­ne da­ting from the la­te 1960s.

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