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war era will in­clu­de a 1919 Rolls-Roy­ce Sil­ver G­host Tou­rer and a 1932 Al­vis S­teed Tou­rer.

Furt­her ex­ci­ting news is that a 1938 BMW 328 sports car, fa­mous for being one of the be­st sports-ra­cers in Eu­ro­pe built just be­fo­re WW II, has had a me­cha­ni­cal re­sto­ra­ti­on com­ple­ted in ti­me for the car to ma­ke t­his y­e­ar’s Knys­na Mo­tor S­how.


The­re will al­so be spe­ci­al an­ni­ver­s­a­ry ce­le­bra­ti­ons of fa­mous mar­ques. C­hief a­mong t­he­se will be the Morgan sports car com­pa­ny, which is ce­le­bra­ting the 50th an­ni­ver­s­a­ry of its most success­ful car, the V8-en­gi­ned Morgan Plus 8. To high­lig­ht Morgan’s long her­i­ta­ge, the­re will al­so be a Morgan Three W­heeler on dis­play that is 100 y­e­ars old. As mo­dern-day re­li­cs of clas­sic B­ri­tish crafts­mans­hip, Mor­gans are fa­mous for still being hand-built sports cars in t­his mo­dern era of re­cy­cla­ble ma­chi­ne­ry. The wai­ting list for Morgan cars still runs to y­e­ars, as it has do­ne for de­ca­des!


From the ot­her si­de of the glo­be, a spe­ci­al tri­bu­te will be paid to the Ja­pa­ne­se Ma­z­da ro­ta­ry en­gi­ne, which ce­le­bra­tes its 50th an­ni­ver­s­a­ry t­his y­e­ar. Coor­di­na­ted by arch Ma­z­da ro­ta­ry ent­hu­si­ast from Ca­pe Town, Pe­a­nuts Fou­ché, t­his dis­play will in­clu­de a su­per-ra­re and exo­ti­cal­ly beau­ti­ful Ma­z­da Cos­mo ro­ta­ry-en­gi­ne sports car, the on­ly one in A­fri­ca. Ot­her ra­re mo­dels in­clu­de an un­re­sto­red R100 Cou­pé, a car that in ra­ce-prep­ped form ga­ve South A­fri­can Wor­ld F1 C­ham­pi­on Jo­dy S­check­ter his first tas­te of in­ter­na­ti­o­nal com­pe­ti­ti­on in 1970. The ran­ge will al­so in­clu­de the fa­mous RX7 and RX8 mo­dels.


The Ko­bus Mostert col­lecti­on of ul­tra-ra­re A­me­ri­can clas­si­cs from the 1950s to the 1980s will gi­ve Knys­na Mo­tor S­how vi­si­tors a tas­te of the ma­ny spe­ci­al va­ri­ants of A­me­ri­can cars that we­re built in the clas­sic post-war era of o­pu­len­ce, star­ting in the days w­hen rock ‘n’ roll was king.

Ko­bus is a long-ti­me col­lec­tor of very li­mi­ted e­di­ti­on A­me­ri­ca­na and he is or­ga­ni­sing a dis­play of 18 cars. T­he­se will in­clu­de a beau­ti­ful and very ra­re 1957 Con­ti­nen­tal Mk III Cou­pé, a 1958 Pon­ti­ac Bon­ne­vil­le, a 1958 Im­pe­ri­al Cro­wn Sout­hamp­ton Cou­pé, a 1958 Olds­mo­bi­le 98 Cou­pé (the on­ly one in A­fri­ca), a 1957 Buick Cen­tu­ry Cou­pé and a 1963 Olds­mo­bi­le Su­per 88 Ho­li­day Cou­pé with a ra­re Sky Roc­ket high-com­pres­si­on en­gi­ne. An im­ma­cu­la­te­ly re­sto­red 1960 Ca­dil­lac El­do­ra­do Cou­pé, o­w­ned by Butch May, will be an i­co­nic eye ca­t­cher in­clu­ded in t­his col­lecti­on for the day.

The s­how is just one week be­fo­re the Ja­guar Si­mo­la Hil­l­climb in Knys­na, ma­king it i­de­al to com­bi­ne t­he­se two top qua­li­ty e­vents in­to an un­be­lie­va­ble pe­trol­he­ad fa­mi­ly ge­ta­way.

The s­how runs from 09:00 to 16:00 on Sun­day 29 A­pril. Ad­mis­si­on p­ri­ces are: a­dults R50, c­hild­ren 12-18 R10 and c­hild­ren un­der 12 free.

For mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on, con­tact Pe­ter P­re­to­ri­us on 082 321 4724 / pe­terp@a­fri­host.co.za The­re is al­so mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on on the Gar­den Rou­te Mo­tor Club’s web­si­te at www.gr­mc.co.za or Fa­ce­book: Knys­na Mo­tor S­how.

A 1913 Ca­dil­lac

A 1958 Im­pe­ri­al Cro­wn Sout­hamp­ton Cou­pé

Cu­ta­way ex­am­ple of Morgan Plus 8 sho­wing the wooden fra­me.

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