Exhi­la­ra­ting exo­ti­cs aim for Hil­l­climb glo­ry

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In its quest to de­li­ver the ul­ti­ma­te au­to­mo­ti­ve sho­w­ca­se, t­his y­e­ar’s Ja­guar Si­mo­la Hil­l­climb Ro­ad Car and Su­per­car ca­te­go­ry will in­clu­de a ran­ge of il­lus­tri­ous high-per­for­man­ce car brands.

“Our ob­jecti­ve is to re­fresh the li­ne-up for the Hil­l­climb e­very y­e­ar for an ex­cep­ti­o­nal ex­pe­rien­ce for spec­ta­tors and com­pe­ti­tors. T­his is e­vi­dent in the su­perb ran­ge of exo­ti­cs and per­for­man­ce cars that will be ta­king to the start li­ne,” says Ge­off God­dard, the e­vent’s spor­ting di­rec­tor.

The clas­ses ca­te­ring for stan­dard pro­ducti­on, ro­ad-le­gal vehi­cles ha­ve been nar­ro­wed, with the pre­vi­ous four-cy­lin­der and six-cy­lin­der na­tu­ral­ly as­pi­ra­ted ca­te­go­ries A1, A2 and A5 drop­ped due to a lack of suit­a­ble ap­pli­ca­ti­ons.

S­tar­ting off with Class A3 for six-cy­lin­der tur­bo-char­ged or su­per­char­ged two-w­heel dri­ve vehi­cles, a for­mi­da­ble ben­ch­mark has been es­ta­blis­hed with the ra­pid No­ble M400 of Fe­roz E­bra­him, al­ong with the highly ra­ted 375kW Al­fa Ro­meo Gui­lia QV, dri­ven by Piet Pot­gie­ter.

As the reig­ning Ro­ad Car and Su­per­car King of the Hill cham­pi­on and cur­rent re­cord-hol­der with a ti­me of 43,955 se­conds, Reg­hard Roets will be back to de­fend his tit­le in the on­ly Nis­san GT-R com­pe­ting t­his y­e­ar in Class A4.

“I re­al­ly en­joy­ed my first ou­ting at the Ja­guar Si­mo­la Hil­l­climb last y­e­ar and it was fan­tas­tic to win the King of the Hill tit­le,” Roets said. “It’s an a­ma­zing e­vent that is ex­tre­me­ly com­pe­ti­ti­ve. It’s cer­tain­ly no walk in the park as the­re are a lot of se­ri­ous cars and dri­vers out the­re. W­hat the Hil­l­climb lacks in dis­tan­ce it cer­tain­ly ma­kes up for in in­ten­si­ty. Blas­ting through the 1,9km cour­se in just 43 se­conds ta­kes se­ri­ous fo­cus and com­mit­ment. The GT-R works ex­cep­ti­o­nal­ly well in t­his en­vi­ron­ment. Ho­pe­ful­ly we can sco­re back-to-back vic­to­ries for the te­am.”

With Class A5 fal­ling a­way, next up are the nor­mal­ly as­pi­ra­ted V8-po­we­red ma­chi­nes in A6, in­clu­ding a Fer­ra­ri 458 dri­ven by Garth Mackin­tosh.

Class A7 will be the big­ge­st and most fier­ce­ly con­te­sted ca­te­go­ry, with an al­mig­hty batt­le set to en­sue be­t­ween two of the big­ge­st na­mes in A­me­ri­can V8 muscle. Ford Per­for­man­ce Cen­t­re’s su­per­char­ged Roush Ford Mus­tang will be dri­ven by ex­pe­rien­ced ci­r­cuit ra­cer Bar­ry Ingle. He will be going he­ad-to-he­ad a­gainst ri­val S­hel­by South A­fri­ca with its Mus­tang Su­per S­na­ke in the hands of Pai­ge Lin­den­berg.

On­ce a­gain, the la­test of­fe­ring from BMW’s M di­vi­si­on will be ma­king its ap­pea­ran­ce with Rob Ge­a­ring be­hind the w­heel of the re­cent­ly laun­ched all-w­heel dri­ve M5.

B­ri­tish ma­nu­fac­tu­rers will al­so be well re­pre­sen­ted, with Da­wie O­li­vier po­we­ring the mig­hty 5,0-lit­re su­per­char­ged V8 F-TYPE SVR Cou­pé up the Si­mo­la hill. Joi­ning him in the Ja­guar camp is de­co­ra­ted SA ra­cer Mark Cron­jé, in a Ja­guar XJR 575. Brin­ging va­ri­e­ty to the B­ri­tish con­tin­gent will be C­li­ve Gel­den­huys, w­ho­se chal­len­ge co­mes in the form of the twin­tur­bo 6,0-lit­re W12-en­gi­ned Bent­ley Con­ti­nen­tal GT.

The su­per­car bri­ga­de in A7 fe­a­tu­res three lig­ht­weig­ht and very quick M­cLa­ren 570S en­tries, dri­ven by Ernst du P­reez, I­zak S­pies and Ja­c­ques W­heeler.

The BMW i8 le­ads the char­ge for hy­brid techno­lo­gy, with Gor­don Ni­chol­son back a­gain to mix it up with the con­ven­ti­o­nal­ly po­we­red ma­chi­nes.

T­his sets the sce­ne for an ex­ci­ting two days of acti­on to de­ter­mi­ne who will ta­ke the Ro­ad Car and Su­per­car cro­wn in 2018!

For mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on on the e­vent vi­sit www.ja­guar­si­mo­la­hil­l­climb.com.

Reg­hard Roets speeding up the hill in a Nis­san GT-R.

Da­wie O­li­vier in acti­on in a Ja­guar F-Type SVR.

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