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Volks­wa­gen has in­tro­du­ced an en­ti­re­ly new mo­del to their ran­ge - the Ar­te­on. The na­me Ar­te­on is ma­de up of two com­po­nent parts: “Art” des­cri­bes the fas­t­back’s har­mo­ni­ous li­nes and e­mo­ti­o­nal ap­pe­al. The en­ding “eon” i­den­ti­fies it as a pre­mi­um mo­del, in the sa­me way as Volks­wa­gen’s top mo­del for the C­hi­ne­se mar­ket, the P­hi­de­on.

The Ar­te­on is Volks­wa­gen’s top pas­sen­ger mo­del and the new Volks­wa­gen gran tu­ris­mo is pro­du­ced at the Ger­man plant in Em­den. The fi­ve-se­at Ar­te­on is an i­de­al a­vant-gar­de al­ter­na­ti­ve - a car for pe­op­le who want a fi­ve­door fas­t­back with an ac­com­plis­hed, e­le­gant de­sign and pro­gres­si­ve techno­lo­gy.

A long w­heel­ba­se of 2 841mm spans the two ax­les. Ac­cor­dingly, the bo­dy o­ver­hangs of the 4 862mm long fas­t­back mo­del are short. The Ar­te­on is 1 871mm wi­de and 1 427mm tall. T­he­se di­men­si­o­nal re­la­ti­ons­hips de­li­ver tru­ly dy­n­a­mic pro­por­ti­ons

One of the most im­por­tant de­sign e­le­ments of the cha­ris­ma­tic new Ar­te­on is the front secti­on. Stand-out fe­a­tu­res in­clu­de a bon­net t­hat ex­tends a long way for­ward and par­ti­al­ly o­ver both wings, and a ra­di­a­tor gril­le t­hat en­com­pas­ses the vehi­cle’s full width.

The LED he­ad­lig­hts and day­ti­me run­ning lig­hts, fit­ted as s­tan­dard, com­bi­ne with the chro­me-pla­ted cross-bars of the ra­di­a­tor gril­le and bon­net. The Ar­te­on aims to re-in­ter­pret the gran tu­ris­mo con­cept with its com­bi­na­ti­on of de­sign, spor­ty cha­ris­ma, gre­at ver­sa­ti­li­ty and ge­ne­rous spa­ce.

On the techni­cal front, the new Volks­wa­gen im­pres­ses with two highly ef­fi­cient en­gi­nes, front w­heel or all-w­heel d­ri­ve, plus di­gi­ta­li­sed dis­plays and con­trols.

The gran tu­ris­mo will be a­vai­la­ble in two ex­clu­si­ve e­quip­ment li­nes: the E­le­gan­ce and R-Li­ne.


The s­tan­dard con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on of the Ar­te­on E­le­gan­ce is fo­cu­sed pri­ma­ri­ly on the fu­si­on of so­phi­sti­ca­ted sty­ling and pre­mi­um luxu­ry. The Ar­te­on R-Li­ne puts spor­ti­ness and pre­mi­um class e­quip­ment at the he­art of the vehi­cle’s con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on - as is ty­pi­cal of all Volks­wa­gen R-Li­ne mo­dels.

Ba­sed on the dif­fe­rent o­rien­ta­ti­on of t­he­se two e­quip­ment li­nes, the fas­t­back mo­del pre­sents two vas­t­ly dif­fe­rent per­so­nas. The ran­ge of s­tan­dard e­quip­ment on R-Li­ne in­clu­des fe­a­tu­res such as a pa­no­ra­mic sun­roof, Air Ca­re C­li­ma­tro­nic three-zo­ne cli­ma­te con­t­rol, front sport se­ats with mas­sa­ge functi­o­na­li­ty and nap­pa le­at­her with car­bon sty­le interior.

The in­te­racti­ve and di­gi­ta­li­sed in­ter­fa­ces in the interior in­clu­de op­ti­o­nal high-tech fe­a­tu­res such as the Acti­ve In­fo Dis­play, which is s­tan­dard on the ran­ge.

Volks­wa­gen has de­ve­lo­ped new in­fo­tai­n­ment sys­tems (6,5” to 9,2”). The new top sy­stem, the Dis­co­ver Pro, has a ta­blet-li­ke glass sur­fa­ce. It ma­na­ges its tas­ks ef­fi­cient­ly and en­ti­re­ly wit­hout a­na­lo­gue but­tons. The 9,2” dis­play is al­so e­quip­ped with in­tui­ti­ve ge­stu­re con­t­rol.

Be­ne­ath the air vent and a de­co­ra­ti­ve pa­nel the­re is an ex­tre­me­ly low-pro­fi­le am­bient lig­hting strip t­hat con­ti­nues in­to the doors. Its wrap-a­round lig­hting ef­fect de­fi­nes the spa­ce and cre­a­tes a re­st­ful feel. Am­bient lig­hting is s­tan­dard on the R-Li­ne mo­del in blue, whi­te and oran­ge.

The cen­t­re con­so­le fits in well with the Ar­te­on’s highly mo­dern and spor­ty cha­rac­ter.

Two interior co­lour the­mes (black / dark g­rey and dark g­rey / lig­ht g­rey) ma­tch the ran­ge of ex­te­ri­or co­lours.

In the E­le­gan­ce, you get Ti­ta­ni­um Black se­ats, in­stru­ment pa­nel and car­pets with a Mis­tral G­rey he­ad­li­ner. In the R-Li­ne, you get Ti­ta­ni­um Black se­ats, in­stru­ment pa­nel, car­pets and he­ad­li­ner.


It bo­as­ts a­dap­ti­ve crui­se con­t­rol (ACC) with front as­sist and ci­ty e­mer­gen­cy bra­king; the la­test ge­ne­ra­ti­on now al­so in­te­gra­tes speed li­mits (ca­me­ra ba­sed) and na­vi­ga­ti­on da­ta in­to its con­t­rol.

In the e­vent of a col­li­si­on with a pe­de­stri­an or cy­clist, the acti­ve bon­net of the new Ar­te­on is rai­sed in a mat­ter of se­conds. By trig­ge­ring t­his hin­ge, the bon­net lifts up a­bout 60mm, which in­cre­a­ses the de­for­ma­ti­on spa­ce a­cross very hard parts of the cy­lin­der block and pro­vi­des a cus­hi­on in the e­vent of a col­li­si­on. T­his is s­tan­dard a­cross the ran­ge.

The he­ad-up dis­play brings im­por­tant dri­ving in­for­ma­ti­on in­to your field of vi­si­on. It is di­rect­ly in front of the windscreen and is op­ti­o­nal a­cross the ran­ge.

A Park Packa­ge with A­rea View ma­kes use of ca­me­ras po­si­ti­o­ned a­round the vehi­cle to cre­a­te a 360 de­gree bi­rds-eye view on the in­fo­tai­n­ment sy­stem dis­play.

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