Toyo­ta service plans e­ven mo­re at­tracti­ve

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Toyo­ta has been the sa­les le­a­der in South A­fri­ca for 38 y­e­ars and the pa­ce­set­ter in terms of its service plans, which we­re first in­cor­po­ra­ted in­to the vehi­cle pur­cha­se pri­ce of the Corol­la in 2002 as a mar­gin sa­cri­fi­ce by the com­pa­ny.

This de­ve­lop­ment was a sig­ni­fi­cant con­tri­bu­ti­on to cut­ting the cost of o­w­ners­hip of a vehi­cle, as service cos­ts we­re co­ve­r­ed for a pres­cri­bed num­ber of ki­lo­me­tres tra­vel­led in a li­mi­ted ti­me.

Now the com­pa­ny has go­ne furt­her by im­pro­ving the terms of the com­pli­men­ta­ry service plans, which co­me as s­tan­dard with new vehi­cles.

Vehi­cles sold from 1 May now ha­ve a spe­ci­fic num­ber of ser­vi­ces for a gi­ven dis­tan­ce tra­vel­led. Ser­vi­cing no lon­ger has to be un­der­ta­ken in a gi­ven pe­ri­od as long as the vehi­cle is ser­vi­ced at le­ast on­ce e­very 12 mont­hs. Service in­ter­vals are either e­very 10 000km or 15 000km, de­pen­ding on the mo­del.

For in­stan­ce, a Corol­la will re­qui­re six ser­vi­ces by the ti­me it re­a­ches 90 000km. In the past t­he­se ser­vi­ces had to ta­ke pla­ce within a fi­ve y­e­ar pe­ri­od. Now t­hey can ta­ke pla­ce o­ver six y­e­ars, which im­pro­ves the o­ver­all costof-o­w­ners­hip of­fe­ring for the cu­s­to­mer.

For a Hi­lux, which is ser­vi­ced e­very 10 000km, the be­ne­fit is e­ven gre­a­ter. It will re­qui­re ni­ne ser­vi­ces in 90 000km, which pre­vi­ous­ly had a li­mit of fi­ve y­e­ars. Now the ser­vi­ces can be spre­ad o­ver ni­ne y­e­ars whi­le still con­for­ming with the re­qui­re­ment of ser­vi­cing it e­very 12 mont­hs.

Toyo­ta has o­ver 200 de­a­lers­hips coun­try­wi­de with mo­re than 4 000 pe­op­le wor­king in the techni­cal ser­vi­cing en­vi­ron­ment to en­s­u­re top-qua­li­ty af­ter-sa­les backup. Service plans co­ver the cost of fil­ters, s­park plugs, re­mo­te bat­te­ries, oils and fluids (bra­ke fluid and en­gi­ne cool­ant), as well as la­bour, ac­cor­ding to the sche­du­le for e­ach mo­del, but do not co­ver we­ar i­tems such as ty­res, bra­ke pads and li­nings and fan belts.

The­re are ex­ten­si­on op­ti­ons to co­ver ser­vi­ces up to 200 000km or a max­i­mum of 10 y­e­ars from da­te of pur­cha­se.

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