Top tips for sa­fe dri­ving in win­ter we­at­her

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The di­ver­se South A­fri­can we­at­her en­su­res that win­ter dri­ving can be chal­len­ging with ro­ad con­di­ti­ons that can ran­ge from cold and dry to icy, and in the Ca­pe re­gi­on, so­a­king wet.

The ex­perts at Ti­ger W­heel & Ty­re cau­ti­on mo­to­ris­ts to be a­wa­re that e­ach se­a­son has its own chal­len­ges on the ro­ad and to be a­wa­re of t­his w­hen dri­ving in ex­tre­me we­at­her.

Keep the­se tips in mind to be re­a­dy:

 Ha­ve the car bat­te­ry tes­ted - and re­pla­ced if ne­ces­sa­ry. Win­ter pla­ces a lot of strain on ti­red bat­te­ries. So don’t get stran­ded - get the jump on a dying bat­te­ry and re­pla­ce it be­fo­re it lets you do­wn. Get your au­to­mo­ti­ve bat­te­ry tes­ted for free at your ne­a­rest Ti­ger W­heel & Ty­re sto­re.

 Re­pla­ce winds­hield wipers. The­se can we­ar es­pe­ci­al­ly fast in the sum­mer due to sun­lig­ht. You want to be pre­pa­red for win­ter rain­storms in the Ca­pe re­gi­on, or e­ven the odd snow flur­ry if you call the moun­tains ho­me.

 C­heck the ty­re pres­su­re af­ter the first cold snap and re­gu­lar­ly the­re­af­ter. Cold we­at­her ad­ver­se­ly af­fects ty­re pres­su­re and the­re could be a dra­ma­tic drop in ty­re pres­su­re du­ring the first cold spell.

 Pack an e­mer­gen­cy bre­ak­do­wn kit to keep in the boot. In­clu­de a spa­ce blan­ket, wa­ter, non-pe­ris­ha­ble snacks, a torch, and a car cel­lp­ho­ne char­ger.

 Keep a spa­re pair of sung­las­ses in the cub­by­ho­le. Win­ter sun is no jo­ke and it can be im­pos­si­ble to dri­ve in its blin­ding gla­re. That ugly pair of shades Aunt Ma­vis ga­ve you is per­fect to stow in your car in ca­se you le­a­ve your sty­lish pair at ho­me. Top tips for dri­ving in ice and snow:

 Turn he­ad­lig­hts and fog lig­hts on, enga­ge a lo­wer ge­ar to in­cre­a­se ro­ad tracti­on, in­cre­a­se your fol­lo­wing dis­tan­ce, dri­ve very slo­w­ly, and don’t bra­ke sud­den­ly.

 W­hen dri­ving in very wet con­di­ti­ons, turn your he­ad­lig­hts on, dri­ve slo­w­ly and in­cre­a­se the fol­lo­wing dis­tan­ce.

 If your vehi­cle s­li­des on ice or in the wet, re­mem­ber: don’t o­ver-cor­rect by s­teer­ing in the op­po­si­te di­recti­on to w­he­re it is s­li­ding. Inste­ad, ta­ke your foot off the bra­ke and s­teer lig­ht­ly in the di­recti­on of the s­li­de until the vehi­cle re­gains tracti­on, t­hen s­teer in the op­po­si­te di­recti­on whi­le gent­ly acce­le­ra­ting.

 A­bo­ve all, be pa­tient and po­li­te on the ro­ad. Li­fe is too short to be the ag­gres­sor or the victim of ro­ad ra­ge - win­ter ro­ad con­di­ti­ons can be chal­len­ging e­nough on their own.

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