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Mo­to­ris­ts of­ten com­ment that it is pos­si­ble to fill their vehi­cle’s fu­el tank with mo­re fu­el than the vehi­cle’s ma­nu­al says it should be a­ble to ta­ke. The re­a­son is that mo­dern fu­el tanks in­clu­de an air spa­ce to al­low for ex­pan­si­on of the fu­el as tem­pe­ra­tu­res chan­ge.

If the air gap is fil­led with fu­el, the fu­el may ha­ve no room in which to ex­pand as it he­ats up du­ring the day. T­his may re­sult in it le­a­king out of the vehi­cle.

Fu­el le­aks are a fi­re risk. It may on­ly ta­ke a pas­ser-by flicking a­way a ci­ga­ret­te butt ne­ar a par­ked vehi­cle to start a fi­re. Fu­el le­a­king in­to the en­vi­ron­ment can al­so con­ta­mi­na­te soil and ground wa­ter.

P­re­vent fu­el le­aks by on­ly fil­ling your fu­el tank until the pump at the fil­ling sta­ti­on turns off au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly.

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