Joey E­vans to na­vi­ga­te for Te­ren­ce Marsh

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He­roic South A­fri­can mo­tor­cy­cle ri­der Joey E­vans, who was pa­ra­ly­sed from be­low his chest in 2007 and not on­ly le­arnt to walk a­gain but went on to fi­nish the Da­kar Ral­ly last y­e­ar, will try a new fa­cet of mo­tor sport next month.

He will re­ad the no­tes from the na­vi­ga­tor’s se­at for Te­ren­ce Marsh (Red-Li­ned Nis­san Na­va­ra) at the At­las Cop­co 400 off-ro­ad ra­ce on 3 and 4 Au­gust.

It forms round four of the South A­fri­can Cross Coun­try Se­ries.

E­vans, a keen sports­man, had do­ne se­ver­al ma­ra­thons and ul­tra-ma­ra­thons, hi­ked the Fish Ri­ver Ca­nyon, com­ple­ted the Roof of A­fri­ca En­du­ro, ra­ced the Botswa­na 1 000 De­sert Ra­ce on a bi­ke and crisscros­sed South A­fri­ca and neig­hbou­ring coun­tries on a dirt bi­ke be­fo­re a de­va­sta­ting ra­cing ac­ci­dent chan­ged his li­fe dra­ma­ti­cal­ly.

The crash, du­ring a lo­cal off-ro­ad mo­tor­cy­cle ra­ce, bro­ke his back and crus­hed his spi­nal cord, le­a­ving him pa­ra­ly­sed from just be­low his chest.

He was gi­ven a 10% chan­ce to walk a­gain. Ho­we­ver, he was de­ter­mi­ned to re­co­ver and 10 y­e­ars la­ter, a­chie­ved his dre­am of com­ple­ting the Da­kar Ral­ly on a mo­tor­cy­cle.

Joey E­vans in acti­on.

Joey E­vans

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