Op­ti­mal ty­re tracti­on

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Your vehi­cle’s tracti­on de­pends on four ty­re con­tact pa­t­ches, e­ach not much big­ger than the palm of your hand.

Cor­rect ty­re in­fla­ti­on and mo­de­ra­te dri­ving ha­bits help max­i­mi­se your tracti­on, but it’s al­so im­por­tant to en­s­u­re you po­si­ti­on the vehi­cle to ta­ke ad­van­ta­ge of the be­st ro­ad sur­fa­ce a­vai­la­ble.

Cor­ruga­ted or very bum­py ro­ad sur­fa­ces tend to de­cre­a­se a vehi­cle’s ro­ad hol­ding a­bi­li­ty - choo­se the smoot­hest way through.

Pot­ho­les and ob­jects in the ro­ad can le­ad to ty­re da­ma­ge, but al­so con­si­der dar­ker pa­t­ches which may sig­nal a pre­vi­ous oil or die­sel spill and could cau­se loss of tracti­on. Ne­ver ig­no­re the ob­vi­ous signs of a slip­pe­ry ro­ad, li­ke sand, gra­vel or wa­ter on the sur­fa­ce.

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